El Capitan Operating System: Features And Review: Apple has unveils the OS X El Capitan last year at WWDC 2015. As the OS X is operating system for Mac Products include iMac,MacBook,Mac Mini and Mac Pro. Which was publicly released on September 30 2015. The name El Capitan comes from the place in United States as the version of inspired from that place earlier version is also basically inspired from somethings like Yosemite valley, Mavericks, Snow Leopard and so on. OS X is version ahead from its competitor interns of usability from Windows who last year release new version of Windows  Windows 10 is now become most favourite among Windows user. OS X and Windows are competitors from years there are many OS came and but this two are still here.

OS X El Capitan
OS X El Capitan

OS X version 10.11 El Capitan is little feature upgrade from its predecessor Yosemite who has done overhaul design change. OS X 10.11 is free to upgrade version which is good for user adopt from earlier version. OS X versions are great no in terms of adoption as over 53% user are using new version of OS X which is good sign while the Windows there 53% of user still uses Windows 7 which is released around 6 year ago.

El Capitan Operating System: Features And Review:

OS X El Capitan comes with feature like split screen view, Metal API to PC, New Cursor improvement and much more minor and major details which makes OS X a perfect PC companion. There are 5 minor update for OS X 10.11 which includes certain features and bug fixes.
El Capitan focus on two major area of performance and user experience. So let’s talk about what change.

  • The never version of OS X 10.11.5 which brings bug fixes and enhancement. Before this there is OS X 10.11.4 including support of Live Photos into iMessage app and also add no of views in expanding in Mac. The update also update to locks Notes app which is very good feature to lock your private notes.
  • Apple has live OS X 10.11.3 on January 19, 2016. OS X 10.11.3 did not introduce any major features or design changes, instead focusing on performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Before Apple released OS X 10.11.2 on December 8, 2015. It includes new feature, several bug fixes and performance improvements. The OS X 10.11.2 comes with improvement to Wi-Fi, Handoff, AirDrop, and iCloud Photo Sharing for Live Photos, and fixed issues that caused Bluetooth devices to disconnect, prevented Mail from deleting messages in an offline Exchange account, and prevented importing photos from an iPhone to a Mac using a USB cable.
  • Apple has live the first upgrade from major release OS X 10.11.1 on October 21, 2015. It improves compatibility with Microsoft Office 2016, fixing an issue that caused the software to crash, and resolving two Mail bugs, one where outgoing server information could be missing and one that prevented the display of messages and mailboxes.
  • It also fixed an issue that prevented certain audio unit plug-ins from functioning properly, improved VoiceOver reliability, and added more than 150 new emoji characters.

El Capitan Operating System Mission Control:

  • Mission Control is feature from earlier OS X which helps to know which Windows are open in the background which help user to easily manage which app to use which are not to be use can be clean easily without any searches needed that what is open in which window.

    OS X El Capitan Mission Control
    OS X El Capitan Mission Control
  • Mission Control is much cleaner way to displaying Windows and easily manage it. In El Capitan thing are become more streamlined and clean Windows are organised by their types which is easy to manage Windows. User can open Mission Control by swiping four finger up on touch pad while pressing F3 from keyboard.
  • User can also create new desktop spaces by simply dragging an place it over to new desktops. The change is small but the effect will good.

El Capitan Operating System Spotlight:

  • Spotlight feature is important for Apple user as it help to find relevant data inside the device easily. Spotlight Search gain update on both iOS and OS X with some enhancement like Spotlight can now help to generate result from other data sources, gives high detailed result for searches like weather,stocks,game score and video which enhances the more usability of Spotlight. Rich detail experience of results create Google search like experience showing result only you want.

    OS X El Capitan Spotlight
    OS X El Capitan Spotlight
  • Spotlight Search show up result like videos from web, with results from Wikipedia,relevant keyword news,definition and much more. Along with searchable feature like this also include natural language searching same as iOS9 as you will type and it will possibly show relevant data like searching “last day files” , “Monday photos” and much more.
  • Spotlight search get resizable window in El Capitan which makes display more good and easily visible.

El Capitan Operating System Split View:

  • Split screen much useful feature for Mac devices as using two apps together will makes work more easy and faster. Split view gives you to advantage running two apps parallel simultaneously each other easily. As it helps in many way making notes while watching videos or making note while using web browser as it makes things more easier than ever.

    OS X El Capitan Splitview
    OS X El Capitan Splitview
  • User can resize Windows as per there choice by splitting bar and make it to use easily. As split view also makes it entry in iPad devices which easily resolve works easily and without much time.

El Capitan Operating System Mail:

  • Mail is best app in Mac as it is capable for every professional works as earlier version of mail got the full screen view help to easily use mail in full screen. While composing message user can now swap over to another conversation or click over to inbox, message sending now appear on bottom. Now user can transfer attachment by dragging them. If user get message or invitation from another person’s mail is now make remainder of it so you easily get know about purpose.

    OS X El Capitan Mail
    OS X El Capitan Mail
  • Mail app also get swop gesture to interact with message by swapping left to read or unread while right to flag, more and extreme right to delete using this feature made lot easier to dealing with mail.

El Capitan Operating System Notes:

  • Note app also get significant change as it add support for third party app like Evernote. In Evernote app you can third-party content like URLs, PDFs, documents, and other files, and the same is now true in Notes. Note also get option Share Sheet of many apps so user can transfer data from safari to Notes. From Maps app user can send direction to notes, Photos also get to transfer photos to notes.
    OS X El Capitan Notes
    OS X El Capitan Notes

    OS X El Capitan Notes
    OS X El Capitan Notes
  • With addition of support for many types of attachments and files, Notes also include Attachment of Browser.

El Capitan Operating System Photos:

  • Photos app also get improvement with addition of third party editing tools. User can get apps from Mac App Store will able to share tools with photos app.

    OS X El Capitan Photos
    OS X El Capitan Photos
  • Photos app also include to give location to single or moment photos. Album sorting also get more simplified and easy to use.

El Capitan Operating System Safari:

  • Safari is most beloved web browser for Apple user as it most enhance among browsers like Chrome. Safari gets improvement  like swipe tabs to pinned is easiest and unique method of pinning sites. Some important and daily use sites can be pinned and use daily purpose as it easy and awesome. Tabs pinned also quietly refresh in background to show update data.

    OS X El Capitan Safari
    OS X El Capitan Safari
  • Safari also get when audio is playing in any of tabs it can easily be identify as speaker icon on the tab. So even if the start without any playing audio or video can easily identify. In addition it also gets mute all tabs feature to silent each tabs at once.
  • User can now mirror only audio of there choice to Apple TV which now easy as earlier we have to put whole PC to mirror for listening.

El Capitan Operating System Maps:

  • Maps also get same improvement as iOS 9 as maps are now able to show transit view like subway, bus, train and more which makes our route easy and fast to reach destination.

    OS X El Capitan Maps
    OS X El Capitan Maps

El Capitan Operating System Security: Two-Factor Authentication:

  • Security is always been a purpose for Apple and Apple is tough in it as by introduction of Two-Step verification makes things highly secure. Apple recently get negative impact from people as some of the celebrity photo hacks make the news. So Apple finally try to get more secure the new security is for both iOS and OS X. User can opt this option by simply going in Apple site and follow instructions to register and use.

    OS X El Capitan Maps Security
    OS X El Capitan Maps Security
  • In this security user have to register there device and phone number to get verify as user can easily access to their account with secure method.

El Capitan Operating System Performance Change:

   1). Metal API

  • Metal API is significant change in Apple user experience as it provide high level of graphic detail and also runs app which h makes device to act faster. Metal API is introduce in iOS 8 which start taking pace and gives developer to get into device easily. It combines OpenGL and OpenCL under same API as it reduces graphics task over GPU to some for CPU.
  • In El Capitan metal made things more faster and snappier as app load time increase 1.4 times faster switching app is two times faster. So Graphics also made changes as many new games to run faster and snappier. Metal API made graphics rendering 40 percent more efficient AMD 50 percent more faster.

   2).El Capitan Operating System Minor Changes:

El Capitan also include changes which is minor but changes user overall experience as they are discussed below

     a). El Capitan Operating System San Francisco Font:

  • San Francisco font make its entry in OS X and iOS as it is earlier made for Apple Watch as it makes visual changes. As Font is best ever and most detailed yet as it looks fantastic and spacing and words are crafted perfect.

    OS X El Capitan San Francisco Font
    OS X El Capitan San Francisco Font

     b). El Capitan Operating System Cursor:

  • Cursor in El Capitan is also get improve as it some time difficult to find cursor while working as it is small in size but  now user can easily swap faster trackpad and cursor size will become enlarges of user can easily locate it.

    OS X El Capitan Cursor
    OS X El Capitan Cursor

    c). El Capitan Operating System Features For Chinese And Japanese User:

  • For Chinese user OS X comes with new Ping Fang font with same clearing and clean design font look good. For Japanese user there are four improvement like entering Japanese text  and also get conversions of word from Hiragana.

    d). El Capitan Operating System The End Of The Dashboard:

  • In one of the later betas, the Dashboard feature was disabled by default, suggesting it is no longer a focal point for Apple. When installing OS X El Capitan, the Dashboard will now need to be manually enabled.

El Capitan Operating System Compatibility:

Compatibility of devices if Elected capital is same as the Yosemite which includes as from list. Some features are excluded from some devices.

  • iMac (Mid 2007 or newer)
  • MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer)
  • MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer)
  • Mac mini (Early 2009 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)
  • Xserve (Early 2009)


OS X El Capitan is not significant in design change but it is change from inside with many new API like force trackpad, metal and so on. There is some user experience based changes which changes the overall experience. As it over year for introduction of El Capitan and new OS X is on the floor to catch focus so it may hope for more automation as like some other developers like Microsoft and Google as they introduce bots which makes our work easier.

Overall El Capitan is good OS version with less bugs and not getting major update. So Apple should make the new OS more eye catching as we see in recent weeks.



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