iOS Maverick: Features And Complete Functionality: OS X reach it’s tenth major revision with update of Mavericks as the update has marks the fresh start. Mavericks is the first OS X which is free to download from Mac App Store same as the iOS update free for there user. As the name said Mavericks means a rebellion but it is place in US which the whole interface is inspired Mavericks is place being a surfing hotspot. After ending with cat family OS X name is starting with places inspired with US places. OS X Mavericks is version 10.9.

There is default desktop picture seen huge wave with green shades looking fantastic. Mavericks doesn’t bring any design change like iOS 7 while the design is between desktop and mobile. Mavericks design is more simpler and cleaner. There are over five minor system update over a year including system improvement and security improvements. The update Mavericks include new metallic design with some improvements like new finder tags also some updates in App like Contacts,Safari,Calendar and much more. So let’s see what’s new in Mavericks:

iOS Mavericks
iOS Mavericks

iOS Maverick: Features And Complete Functionality:


  • Safari is most beloved browser for Apple user as it less competent than other browser like Internet Explorer and Chrome. Safari doesn’t allow many internet feature like flash player and more so it has some drawbacks. By introduction of Mavericks Safari now uses less GPU, becomes more energy efficient and more faster. Apple has added new Nitro Tiered JIT and fast start technology for Safari to make it more faster and uses less power. There is really huge difference as compared from previous version of Safari.
iOS Mavericks Safari Browser
iOS Mavericks Safari Browser
  • Safari also add new sidebar which keep our bookmarks,Reading list and new feature Shared Links, Bookmarks can be added any website you want by simply go to side and add bookmark easily by tapping on tab. User can add any article to reading list so they can read it later without finding it. Shared links is one of the most important feature and it’s new to Safari as is easiest way to know about link you follow you can simply follow links like Twitter or Facebook and any website so you can easily get news by simply in a place.
  • Safari also get some interface tweak in Top Sites screen with new flatter look user can also change your top site by simply dragging and rearranging and also drag it to bookmark from your side column.
  • iCloud Keychain also get biggest change into Safari as using third parties app for auto login user can simply save it to iCloud Keychain which login in within second.


  • iBooks for OS X also get improvement like easily sync with iOS devices so you never lose your book while using OS X devices. iBook also get some feature aces with trackpad like scrolling to turn pages or pinch to zoom which is handy and very easy feature while using iBook on Macs. User can have many book can add marking to it making notes which is very awesome to use and easy to get.
iOS Maverick iBooks
iOS Maverick iBooks

Finder Tabs & Tags:

  • Apple introduce easiest way to tag your files and find it in easiest way as same way like Safari. There is plus sign button on the right lets you open new tab  same as web browser user can use two folder simultaneously side by side in ones window. User can get benefit of it as by coping side by side is now easy. User can use multiple windows to use apps like Air Drop to send files across the system.
iOS Maverick Finder Tabs & Tag
iOS Maverick Finder Tabs & Tag
  • Apple use a interactive way to organize data and files very as per importance. User can give the folder or particular files a color and different names to submerge group into one same ground.
  • Just like you want an important files group to single ground you provide a tag and give it color as per importance which is easiest way to mange files. You easily search it with finder so it make thing more easy.

Full-screen apps:

  • Mavericks include new way to see app in full screen mode which is much loved feature from past OS X and full screen app now get place for all the apps user can use it in multi screen mode to use specific app in specific window. So Full screen app gives wider bump on multi screen monitor in good way.

Apple Maps:

  • Apple Maps also getting significant makeover as same iOS 7 as there is no same element include but functions are same. While using Maps in bigger screen like iMac makes the experience of view maps to another level. There some gesture in trackpad so use can use in easiest way possible.
iOS Mavericks Maps
iOS Mavericks Maps
  • Now iPhone user can get notification from OS X app directly to phone so user can find way easily on the go. As iPhone provide turn by turn directions on the way.
  • Maps also get built in improvement with app like Mail,Contacts, Calendars and other too to easily access maps from any Windows which is very nice feature.


  • Installation is always been a issue for all PC devices as it requires time and thing to follow for installations. While installing Windows thing are very time taking and hard for normal user to do so OS X installation process is never been easier than this as update is first time free and user can easily install it by simply going into Mac App Store and downloading the newer version of OS X which makes installation super easy and convenient for any body.
iOS Maverick Installation
iOS Maverick Installation


  • Calendar app in Mavericks also got some interesting features and fresh look. As Calendar adds new Facebook event so user can get remind about events on Facebook.
  • The event inspector which lets you get more information about parties,birthday and more at specific location of given. User can use it see more info about location traffic,weather and much more easily. User can get detail information about location and can provide location to your iOS devices.
iOS Maverick Calendar
iOS Maverick Calendar
  • There is change in overall appearance with some smooth tweaks like continuous scrolling while seeing dates there are some gesture which is specific for trackpad so it changes overall user experience.


  • Notifications is also important for a system and Apple adds some more refinement to it by adding some new tweaks like interacting with notifications on the notifications bar so you won’t leave it and crawling in other app to reply. Apps like FaceTime,Calendar and more notifications are easily reply by notification side bar.
iOS Maverick Notification
iOS Maverick Notification
  • Notification also becomes smart while showing it as when mail arrives and it has some map so notifications shows the mini maps which looks amazing.
  • User can set websites notifications as when it arrives to keep user update even if they not surfing with Safari.
iOS Maverick Notification
iOS Maverick Notification
  • There is sleep mode option so notifications won’t disturb you when you doesn’t need it. And when you open it then notifications will appear.

iCloud Keychain:

  • Apple has solved auto login issue as user use many third party app to store there password or many other details like credit card or so on so Apple find a interactive and easiest way to use in all the devices you have by signing up for iCloud Keychain as it remembers each and every password as per you permission and get to login in all other Apple devices.
  • As it uses 256-bit AES encryption so the dat will save with app and remains save. User can see the detail of login by opening iCloud Keychain menu and see which login to keep and what to delete.
  • There is using to in very simple way simply login in for any usernames and password and it remembers it and opens every time you open that particular thing.


  • The tenth version has something promising for enhancing the user experience so user can easily get familiar with system. And using some system hardware improvement will make the software top of line. As the Mavericks version is still ahead of Windows release and will always be ahead even after year.
  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks is first update for free which good for user adoption so they can get large no of user at once. Mavericks has new updates like Finder tab, Tags, new improvement towards app, iCloud Keychain and much more inside the system make Mavericks a best release since.

On the counterpart side Microsoft releases it new Windows 8.1 update last week. But after getting flop of Windows 8 Microsoft is hoping to get something and will take over OS X series. There are differences between the both OS as Windows are moving toward touch OS and OS X moves toward trackpad OS so there is some difference. While Mavericks is still perfect for Mac devices as it is more durable and get direct attention of Apple.

Mavericks is step toward older sister version of OS X as it has same design elements with more refined experience makes the interface more attractive. There are some elements which still remains with system and works perfectly.


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