Apple Map Update: Apple update its venture of popular Apple Maps Flyover feature to new city, also rolled out Spotlight Suggestions to new countries and its traffic data. Last update which is posted by Apple last month expanded Maps Nearby, Flyover, and traffic data to many of new location and many important Flyover update to many significant city this February.

Apple Map Update
Apple Map

Apple Map Update:

  • Flyover feature is very awesome feature which look fantastic and phenomenal which rotates around whole city in 3D to know user the depth and feel of city. Apple takes it Flyover venture to Akron, Ohio and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Now Apple able to bring Flyover to over 260 countries and soon to expand more in future update.

    Apple Map Flyover Features
    Apple Map Update Flyover Features
  • Spotlight feature give you suggestions about your location of iTune,Place of interest much more on the spotlight search of your Phone which is cool to explore the city. Apple has expanded Spotlight Suggestions to a three new countries Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. By adding total we get about total of 19 countries.
  • Traffic details are necessary for user to get around the cities apple has added Thailand in its new venture which give about 34 country total including today. Traffic details like road condition,wreck and construction which gives you whole aspects to choose you own route.

Stay tune with us to know about the technological updates and tech awareness which will update you with the latest, legacy and upcoming new technology.


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