MacBook Pro Leaks And Rumors: It’s been over four years that MacBook doesn’t get any major update while this year may include some as pictures of new Mac chassis showing new MaBook Pro 2016 with OLED touch panel of function key, speaker placement upper side in MacBook Pro 13-inch and larger force pad as observed from the first leaks image. As there are some expected rumors it may include new Touch ID-based trackpad so user can feel same safe as they use iPhones and iPads, new keyboard with some typing improvement, new screen will be bezel-less or less bezel also resolution bump up to nearer 4K for 13-inch and 4K for 15-inch Pro and much more exciting which will expect to see soon at Apple event on June 13.

MacBook Pro Leaks And Rumors:

  • While from the recent leaks we observed as new track-pad with indicating left and right touch buttons. Also, the upper side of the board is missing which is previous is function keys as it is expecting with new OLED touch bar which has some promising new technology as it may work as changing buttons as per works.
  • While there is no confirmation about touch based MacBook as Apple rejected this unusual type of things so they do not use OLED bar on the screen as they use it at keyboard bar.
  • While the leaks image showing new MacBook Pro 13-inch with separate speakers grills as like MacBook Pro 15-inch while it may include new hinge joint for display placement.

    MacBook Pro Leaks And Rumors
    MacBook Pro Leaks             Image Credit MacX
  • Type-C finally gets important spot in MacBook as new MacBook include 4 Ports which gives Type-C a fair chance. As the ports are equally on both side with a headphone jack. As Type-C is revolutionary cable as it can do anything like transfer data,connecting with the display, power up any device, charging and syncing data as it soon to become universal in many devices as some Android is using Type-C port for charging and syncing.

    MacBook Pro Leaks And Rumors
    MacBook Pro Leaks                 Image Credit MacX
  • The inclusion of Type-C may include fast charging which juices up MacBook Pro within an hour as it is must happen in new Macs as charging Laptop is very time taking the job.
  • There are more to cover for MacBook Pro and new Air as they soon to become reality so hope they may create new market highs. Stay tuned or subscribe us for more new like this and much more.

As we see what has happened to new iOS but until then we take your leave and we will provide you details about each and every aspect of WWDC on June 13, 2016. Stay tune with us for the latest updates, leaks and rumors of WWDC 2016 for more information like iOS 10 expectation in WWDC 2016, Expectation with WWDC 2016 and many more Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2016 related NEWS update you can visit our WWDC Page.


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