What To Expect With Lenovo Event 2016: Lenovo is setting stage up for arrival of there this year new phones in big launch event which is hosted on June 9 and called as Tech World Keynote. It it expected to company to launch it’s new Motorola latest owned company launch new flagship called as Moto Z change from Moto X which is rumor around whole internet about what to have in new Moto Z.

We are excited to see new other product lunch in the event which include a smartphone based on Google new Project Tango which is new mapping technology as it made smartphone to capable of know the area around it self and create mapping of it as this is shown as live demo recently on Google I/O 2016.

As only one day is left to see what new in the event we write this article for what new happen in the event we also give you most detail of all the announcement happening in this event. As the event is help in San Francisco at 10:00 AM morning so stay tuned for whole event can watch live web cast of event.

What To Expect With Lenovo Event 2016:

Lenovo Event 2016 Moto Z:

  • Moto X or Moto Z is most trending rumor smartphone all around internet showing leaks and peeks of the device what will happen at next Moto. As earlier Moto has launched it flagship in two model Moto X Style and Moto X Play both phones are upto the mark and easily get public attention and become most loved smartphone as per it’s design, form factor and snappier performance.

    Moto Z
    Moto Z in Lenovo Event 2016
  • People are expecting the same through new Moto Z as this Moto has got new name Z replacing X. From leaks picture showing that the Moto Z will have metal body it may have replaceable covers which include new texture.
  • Moto Z may have smart connector like technology as seen from the leaks will may support some accessories which makes this device a modular one.

    Moto Z Leaks
    Moto Z Leaks
  • New processor which include performance enhancement, new Type-C connector which also include more fast charging.
  • This is the main reason why you’re here, isn’t it? You’re probably wondering how Motorola will follow up the Moto X Pure Edition, especially now that Lenovo is putting more of its mark on the iconic phone brand. Device is measure 5.5-inch for Play or Droid edition and 5.1-inches for Pure edition. Fingerprint sensor also makes it’s entry so unlocking device is very easy,faster and secure. Camera bump also be there as camera is bulge out of the back.
  • There are more to expect with the event so let’s see how Moto Z stay in people’s expectations.
    For more details please read our post on What to expect with Moto Z

Lenovo Event 2016 Lenovo Smartphones:

  • Lenovo may also unveil other smartphone which will comes in the category of all these segment like budget or low cost. As Lenovo has all segment of Smartphones in all these categories so this event may bring arrival of new smartphones.

    Lenovo Smartphone
    Lenovo Smartphone
  • As competition in market is very stiff Lenovo has also bring some good hardware specs which is good as compared to other competitors like Xiaomi,LeEcos,Samsung and more. As we can see devices of screen sizes about 5-5.5 inches with different screen resolution and technology. Processor like Snapdragon 617 or 652 or 415 series may power these devices. Other details may get clear as we see the launch.

Lenovo Event 2016 Smartphone Based on Project Tango:

  • It over a year we have seeing project tango improvement in Google video and recently on Google I/O. As project tango mainly detect the surrounding all around with your smartphone and collect data so developers can make something good out of it by making some VR games as shown in Google I/O and many other things possible.

    Lenovo Project Tango
    Lenovo Project Tango
  • Lenovo to launch large device in this event which will about 6.5-inches and get benefit of this 3D mapping technology as it help device to measure both environment and Augmented reality and combines both to produce result which is highly precise.
  • Lenovo has said the next device based on this technology cost about $500. Other details about the device is still not available but we get so get more about in the launch.

Lenovo Event 2016 Lenovo PCs:

  • PCs market is not at high or stiff as Smartphone so Lenovo can capture these market by making some interesting Laptop which compares with MacBook as recently Asus Launches new Laptop which is look alike of it.

    Lenovo PC's
    Lenovo PC’s
  • New Laptop may include Type-C ports for connectivity, Intel’s Skylake Processor which is fast and battery efficient. New Gpus from Nvidia and more exciting things.

Lenovo Event 2016 Moto 360 3rd Gen:

  • This is not the right time for hoping next Moto 360 as not over a year of last gen. But it may happen that next gen Moto 360 will take the stage with new design including thinner and lighter with more interesting feature may include force touch screen or many other features. So let’s see what will happen at next. Moto 360.

    Moto 360
    Moto 360

Lenovo Event 2016 No Moto Razer:

  • Moto Razer is industry best phone on its time it was over 12 years but it still much loved phone by user. As interesting news all around news that Moto will launch it Moto Razer series but they bluntly refuse about it. So sorry for people who are hoping for it.

    Moto Razer
    Moto Razer
  • Besides that, it’s hard to know what’s coming. We wouldn’t count on smartwatches when the second-generation Moto 360 is less than a year old. Lenovo might use this mid-year media gathering as an opportunity to announce new PCs, although the phone focus makes that seem less probable. The one certainty is that you can’t rule out a surprise or two: Lenovo is fond of pulling rabbits out of its hat.


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