What To Expect With Moto Z: As we are hours away from the launch event of Lenovo to launch the one of the most anticipated Smartphone we are expecting some awesome features as no other phone till have. As Lenovo company who owned Motorola has ready to display there front in the event by launching fourth gen Moto X. There are many rumor which clarifies what to expect with new Moto Flagship. As earlier Moto has launched it flagship in two model Moto X Style and Moto X Play both phones are upto the mark and easily get public attention and become most loved smartphone as per it’s design, form factor and snappier performance.


What To Expect With Moto Z:

New Name:

  • As Lenovo recently has changed the name of the Moto X to Moto Z as written on there press invites. As this name may put forward Lenovo regime by changing the most fundamental element of smartphone name.
Moto Z Name
Moto Z Name
  • Some may though that Sony is recently change there flagship name to Xperia X previously Xperia Z that why Moto is changing to Moto Z.

New Design:

  • New Moto Z will have metal body design which looks amazing in the leaks as it is the first Moto smartphone to have all metal body design. New design may include new back which include different texture like metal,wood or leather as we saw from the leaks.
Moto Z Design Leaks
Moto Z Design Leak
  • Device has got overhaul design with new speakers grills at the back, new smart connector at the back, new camera design bulge out of the case and new finger print sensor at the front also include two keys at the front of recent and back, new slimmer design it may have 5.2mm thick which is most slimmer easy to hold and much more.

New Display:

  • New Moto Z is comes with new display with resolution of 2560×1440 which is quad HD display as like earlier but with new display technology so it looks nice and bright.

New Camera:

  • Moto is always perfect in it camera as the last year also has best in class camera new camera may include new camera sensor of 16mp or more with some other technology of laser autofocus,  more aperture so it can have more light, dual led to capture in night light,optical imagine stabilisation so night imagine will more perfect and much more to have.
  • Front side it may include 8mp with more aperture to capture more light, may include new screen flash so selfie never suffer and other more improvement.

New hardware:

  • New hardware makes it more powerful will include new processor Snapdragon 820 which is latest flagship processor octa core CPU which manages best power with 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM. Internal storage of device is 32GB which can further expandable upto 200GB so storage is never been a issue.
  • Type-C connector makes it entry in new Moto Z with more fast charging technology. New speaker grills at the back is best for sound quality.
  • At the back it include new smart connector which make able to run other device like modular part which may include new battery pack, camera module or other as possibilities are endless.
  • New Moto Z will have more battery than previous one so it may run longer as optimisation in Android let it more time to run.


  • The new Moto Z may shipped with Stock Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow which is topped with some Moto tweaks and apps but overall experience is vanilla. It will come with guaranty to upgradable to Android N and other new OS.

New models:

  • New Moto comes in two models may be in Style and Play model Moto Z also comes in droid version also as shown in new picture. Both models have different hardware specs and different approach to experience but overall it is best.


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