Fifa 2017 Peek: As we are getting close to E3 Game Giants are teasing about there plans to launch this year. Today the Game Giants Electronic Arts or EA release video of teasing it new popular football franchise FIFA 2017 to launch this year on September 27th.

As from the tease we see that this year the will receive overall change with new gaming experience including new gameplay. Players like Martial, Eden Hazard, Marco Reus, James Rodriguez and more this year are contributing Fro FIFA 17. To feel the game more realistic and feel the emotion and intensity of ground.

Fifa 2017 Game
Fifa 2017 Game

Fifa 2017 Peek:

This year FIFA 17 will be powered with Frostbite which earlier crate titles like Battlefield, NFS and sport title like PGA Tour. VP and executive producer Dave Rutter says that “unlocks a whole new world of possibilities”.

Fifa 2017 Game
Fifa Game

From the tease EA is promising to give a new experience about gaming and redefining the experience of playing Football.

The game arrives September 27th in North America while global release as follows. For compatibility the games arrives for PS3,PS4,Xbox 360,Xbox One and PC.


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