What To Expect With WWDC 2016 ?: It’s about many years we have seeing interesting evolution in software there are some major giants like Apple,Google or Microsoft who are doing event to show what they are upto in a span of year so.  As we days away from Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC things are getting more round up what to expect with as there are only talk about software enhancement and evolution sometimes it led to hardware release. As tech giants like Google or Microsoft had already shows there enhancement at Google I/O 2016 of Google and build 2016 of Microsoft and this time for Apple at WWDC 2016 in San Francisco as it’s over second decade that Apple is organizing this event and it really become the world big event as there are attendees from all around world from web cast.

WWDC 2016
WWDC 2016
  • Other companies already leave there imprint in Artificial Intelligence, Bots which makes things easy, VR viewing world with another experience and some enhancement.
  • People are interested in the event can go to Apple main website for online streaming or can stay tuned to us for overall all coverage of whole week.
  • Apple generally release OS software updates include main line like iOS, MacOS, watchOS and new tvOS. There are also software updates like iTunes,Apple for Work Apps, Photos App and many other apps inside the system. Apple also gives chance to developers to show their creativity in programming by releasing certain API which helps developers to easily interact with feature or software. So it is also special for developers that what will happen in WWDC.

Things which everyone is expecting is new iOS 10, MacOS 10.12 and from hardware front new MacBook Pro and Air, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and iMac.

What To Expect With WWDC 2016 ?:

1). iOS 10 or iOS X:

  • It’s about a decade for Apple to release a simple and more responsive OS for Smartphone which further follows other. As it first touch based UI interface with simple and more responsive content to have from there iOS doesn’t look back year by year it get enhancement and now time for it’s 10th installment iOS 10. iOS 10 may receive a new name as iOS X

    iOS 10
    iOS 10
  • New iOS may not much overhaul change but may enhance user experience by implementing simple and responsive effect. As suggesting it may include more 3D Touch shortcuts, hide core apps, new dark UI mode, more smarter system with advance Proactive feature, more responsive spotlight, new apps experience, light system overhaul and much more to expect.
  • As far compatibility it may drop iPhone 4s,iPad 2,iPad 3, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5th gen.

2). MacOS or OS X 10.12:

  • MacOS X is always been a best in class user experience with feature from future implement on the whole UI which make day to day work easy. Its about 13th installment of OS X as it may name after places inspired from California as like Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan.

    OS X 10.12
    OS X 10.12
  • New MacOS X receive new name as confirmed by Apple in App Store the new OS will simply called as MacOS as previous. New MacOS may not receive much major overhaul. It include changes like implementation of Siri, App changes, more performance increments, more Metal implementation, new tweaks all around UI and may receive minor changes in UI.
  • New OS is also free to install as previous updates.

3). Siri:

  • Siri was introduced at 2011 with iPhone 4s since there Siri has changes a lot in terms of design and usability as she becomes more smarter, more like human and more faster. But Siri is still lacking with other personal assistant like Cortana, Alexa or Google Now. Siri should need to change much more than it was.

  • Giving Siri a smart control to access third parties Apps as Siri can responds certain very good command and automation is awesome. Siri can add much more capability like help in emergency while dialing emergency number Siri can straightly information them the location so mishaps of death can reduce there are numerous ways to exceed the capability of Siri.
  • Siri also coming to Mac may have come with some interesting stuff in it.

4). watch OS3:

  • Apple Watch is also receiving new update which make watch works as more standalone as an connector. Apple Watch should include new keyboard works on swipe or word gesture, App should works offline as well, more fast and responsive as Apple Watch has already slowest watch on the market which opens app in minutes rather than seconds. So Apple has to put emphasis in this term also.

    Apple Watch
    Apple Watch
  • Apple Music and iTunes overhaul. Apps like Apple Music and iTunes be surely get some enhancement as Apple Music is confirmed to get new design to user can find and enjoy it very easy without any issue.
  • iTunes also get some design change and some features enhancement over previous version.

5). MacBook Pro and Air:

  • Hardware like MacBook is highly anticipated as from years it doesn’t get any design changes. New MacBook Pro has some much awesome feature and new hardware. It include new OLED touch Panel while replacing function keys, new thinner and lighter design, more faster processor, new type-c implementation and much more to expect.

    MacBook Air & MacBook Pro
    MacBook Air & MacBook Pro
  • Air Book also need some enhancement which include new processor, new display, new design, new force trackpad and more to expect.

New Macs Lineups:

New Macs line up include update to iMac, Mac Pro and Mac Mini which is over a year of update may include new processor and some hardware refinement.

As we see what has happen to new iOS but until then we take your leave and we will provide you details about each and every aspect of WWDC on June 13, 2016. Stay tune with us with the latest updates, leaks and rumors of WWDC 2016 for more information like iOS 10 expectation in WWDC 2016, Expectation with WWDC 2016 and many more Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2016 related NEWS update you can visit our WWDC Page.


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