Leaks Of iMessage To Android: If you think how about iMessage to run in Android Phones according to today’s report from MacDailyNew that Apple will announce Android version of iMessage at WWDC 2016. Claims made by MacDailyNews is also been claimed by company as they also thinks so. As they think that it is lots easier for user to easily shift between both OS without any issue.

Leaks Of iMessage To Android:

  • As for now iMessage is still exclusive for Apple device include Macs,iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. So it is now the first time that Apple is opening gates for Android user as earlier they also release Apple Music for Android user in lasts year WWDC. So this is first most favourite platform for user to interact with each other and it is most important for Apple also.

    Leaks Of iMessage To Android
    Leaks Of iMessage To Android
  • As for inspiration Apple should take from Google and Microsoft as there messaging Apps like Hangout and Skype is available for iOS device and as well for Macs. So making iMessage easily accessible to more user is may be the larger expansion plan. As iMessage is extremely safe and easy to use messaging platform as compared to others. So if it reaches to more user it can easily accessible to more people.
  • Google also tries to take this messaging platform by releasing most advance messaging platform Allo which is to be released soon. As the interface has all types of things including emoji, feeling expression text, encryption and more. Which is direct reply to Apple’s iMessage. While Apple’s iMessage is one of most favourite messaging platform and has more reputation than other. Google really makes Allo expansion for more user can easily access so they make this software for iOS and Android.
  • As in a interview Apple software president Craig Federighi and Vice President Eddy Cue has said that Apple iMessage in his peak with 200,000 messages were send from device in a seconds which is really a big things. and Apple is the first to do these thing without wasting energy ass there data centres runs with renewable energy so don’t worry to use iMessage.

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