iPhone 7 Dark Blue Concept: If you think that Apple iPhone next color could of deep blue color you might think in the correct direction that leaks are going onto the internet about next iPhone could of dark blue color replacing Space gray. Apple is releasing Space gray color iPhone since iPhone 5s which looks awesome and most loved by many people. While Apple also adds new color to its journey as Gold which also become most favorite model of iPhone user. While leaks are showing that next iPhone may have dark blue color with nice design looks awesome. As people are getting more excited about next.

iPhone 7 Dark Blue Concept:

  • The phone is designed by the concept of Mockup designer Martin Hajek who previously has to make the awesome new concept of Apple’s new OLED panel leaks. While looking at his artistic view may let you think that next iPhone must have dark blue color. While the whole design factor is same as the new iPhone with slimmer antenna band with a dismissal of the headphone jack. The idea of coloring iPhone deep blue is not so bad as the device looks awesome and feel Royal looks.

    iPhone 7 Dark Blue Concept
    iPhone 7 Dark Blue Concept Without Antenna Border.
  • Apple releases the next iPhone 7 in this fall as expected with an addition to iPhone Pro model which have the dual camera with more RAM to make this model different from iPhone 7.
  • Apple is ready to show their the update in iOS which surely gives us more leaks about at WWDC event today.
iPhone 7 Dark Blue
iPhone 7 Dark Blue Color

Apart part from the color the device the device has all the same things from the previous leaks no headphone jack, a camera is bulgeless, thinner design as looks and streamline antenna bands. For more news and updates please stay tuned with us.



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