What To Expect With MacBook Pro In WWDC 2016: Only hours ago for Apple WWDC and expectations of what will happen is taking a row. As WWDC or Worldwide Developers Conference which is only for developers as Apple will release it new update and new software. While there are some expectations of hardware which includes MacBook. As MacBook Pro and Air Apple’s flagship and lightest laptops which has stunning look and amazing performance so it’s overs that MacBook has received a major overhaul.. This WWDC is being expected for this marks as MacBook Pros leaks are around internet so it may happened Apple release MacBook today at WWDC

What To Expect With MacBook Pro In WWDC 2016:

There are Wishlist for MacBook Pro user have

New Design:

  • New MacBook Pro will receive a major design change it is since 4 year Apple made MacBook and only upgrade internal this year MacBook will surely have design change. As from the rumor the new model is thinner and lighter design with same unibody design. New MacBook Pro may introduce new color as like MacBook 12-inch.
  • Apple also include new Keyboard with butterfly mechanism which more enhance way to use keyboard. Mouse force trackpad also have larger area to use so user can easily move over and work become more easy.

    MacBook Pro
    MacBook Pro

Having Retinal UHD:

  • MacBook Pro have awesome screen with Retina display so display is crisp and bright with every pixel is at it’s edge. But making more pixel on the screen make intensity more clear text and color is more better. Apple may introduce 4K resolution so display may become more awesome and amazingly better.

    MacBook Pro Display
    MacBook Pro Display

Using Skylake Processor:

  • Previous gen MacBook is using Intel’s previous gen processor this year MacBook Pro will introduce new Skylake processor which is more powerful and energy efficient. Apple also take Intel Iris graphics for it’s graphics purpose.

Dedicated Graphics Card:

  • New MacBook may introduce dedicated graphics card of Nvidia or Amd as some previous MacBook has Nvidia and Amd graphics while Apple may bring MacBook with dedicated Graphics card to Apple can make some gaming stuff and professional stuff so streamline.

    MacBook Inside
    MacBook Inside

Fast Charging and more batter life:

  • Fast charging is much more requested feature for laptop as Laptops take hour to juice so use feels like wall hugger so making device to receive charge more fast can make laptop more useful. Apple can enhance MacBook Pro battery life as Air has full day of battery life which is best part of the device while new MacBook Pro may introduce full day of battery so user can take there stuff whole day around.

OLED Function Bar:

  • As far leaks going around about new MacBook Pro to introduce OLED touch panel function bar which can become more multipurpose touch panel so user can do many task while touching the bar as Apple can make new control center of the device on this bar so user can control all the services of the device there only while concept of the device is phenomenal and make OLED panel a must have function in device.

    MacBook OLED Function Bar
    MacBook OLED Function Bar

Siri for MacBook:

  • New OS X is introducing new Siri for Mac so new MacBook Pro may receive new Hey Siri feature to user can do many thing hands free which Apple also making Siri more smarter than ever so expectations is becoming more.

More memory and storage:

  • MacBook Pro comes with basic memory of 8GB while new MacBook Pro may come with 16GB as base model and 32GB for higher one. As far storage is concerned MacBook comes with faster flash drive with initial option 256GB while it can expand upto 2TB as content are increasing day by so need of storage is more as compared to previous scenario.

Type-C finally enters Pro Line:

  • Last year Apple introduce only one port Laptop MacBook which uses only one port of type-c which works perfectly as there are extension available for use to use other type cable or accessories. Type-C is capable to doing each and every type of work so Apple may introduce new Type-C in Pro line as Apple also remove MagSafe Adapter which is most beloved adapter among user. There are over 4 Type-C ports evenly distributed all over side and a headphone jack while there are no other connection port available so this may be a rumor but let hope what we see.


Expectations of new MacBook Pro is taking place as it’s over years as MacBook doesn’t receive major update so this may happen it today’s event to stay tuned for all the detailing about the event.


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