Bluetooth 5 with 4 times speed and double range: Bluetooth 4.2 version released in the mid end of year 2014 will be upgraded soon with upcoming version with new specific about the new standard introduced in Bluetooth 5.  With a notable release in this year. These new standards will be released in the coming week with wide new specifications. The Bluetooth special interest group (SIG) of whom apple is the promoter member has shared their links in which they stated that Bluetooth 5 will open new avenues and possibilities that could also boost functionality with nearby location services and relevant information and also navigation services used by today generation in an extensive manner.

Bluetooth 5 with 4 times speed and double range:

  • The updated feature of Bluetooth 5 will include increased range of wireless connection by 4x and also increased transfer rates for low energy connections with 2x speed boost. Also for the increment of the advertising capacity Bluetooth 5 will further adopt location based services which can be used by the users and customers in the world widely.

    Bluetooth 5 with 4 times speed and double range:
    Bluetooth 5 with 4 times speed and double range
  • The general improvements to the wireless products will directly impact the products like iphone, apple watch and other wireless headphones. As the wireless connections are becoming increasingly handy among all the age of users, it has become an important  computer hardware and also hardware in phones and Ipods as well.
  • Last year a general look has been shown on the improvements in wireless connections and so it will be finally announced officially  by Bluetooth SIG  about the new Bluetooth 5 version in the London press event in the coming Thursday.
  • Also as apple is the promoter member of Bluetooth SIG therefore it is also been rumoured that coming iphone 7 with no headphone jack may also be connected to this upcoming event and it may be one of the market strategy of apple to enhance the quality kf the product with new feature of this upgraded Bluetooth 5 feature which is a cherry on a cake for the users waiting for the iphone 7 to be introduced in the market and compete with the google features as well.


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