New Watch OS3 That Will Make Apple Watch More User Friendly: Coming this fall is watch os3 with new and improved features and instant and easy to handle for the users with a feel of a new world of tech in wrist watches series introduce by apple. Apple Watch OS3 will definitely will make this Apple Watch very user friendly and useful gadgets.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

New Watch OS3 That Will Make Apple Watch More User Friendly:

Fresh Modular Face:

  • The user of the watch may choose from a variety of fresh new faces of watch which can be easily changed from right click button with bigger selection of most useful apps and the apps which are less used. The face of the app may also be changed from modular face and apps for workday uses. Also you may just swipe the basic face of watch to the activity face needed during gym sessions.

Share And Achieve:

  • The new watch os3 has made sharing activity with friends and family with lots of fun and also daily update of your health and fitness with your personal trainer more accurately and on the go.

    Share And Achieve On Watch OS3
    Share And Achieve On Watch OS3
  • The watch will also provide the notification of the people from the group who have earned achievements and finished their workout and in the same manner you may reply them with encouragement and lots of talks. Also a unique feature has been added to the watch in which the user may send their own racing heartbeat with a digital touch.

 Easy Access: 

  •  With new Watch OS , app launches instantly and is easier to access. There are wide range of watch basic face which can be used by just throw changing the settings with new colors and types of watch faces whether it is digital watch or back wallpaper clock watch.

     Easy Access With Watch OS3
    Easy Access With Watch OS3
  • You may also access your favorite apps faster by just clicking on the side button which provides ready to use app on all new Dock. Swiping to the bottom of the watch shows the control panel of the watch with the basic settings as per the use of the user.

Fitness Specific Workout:

  • In all the android watches in market, no watch has been yet designed to provide fitness specific workout plan which is specially designed for wheelchair users taking their plan of workout on top most with various techniques for varying speeds and wheel chair specific workouts to roll many new notifications.

    Fitness Specific Workout On Watch OS3
    Fitness Specific Workout On Watch OS3

More And More Details:

  • Now you may also see five workouts on the go- distance, active calories, pace, heart rate and time held in gym. Also labeling your most required activity like kick boxing or sit ups are some features which are over the head of the user and also the apple watch will also be your running companion which may pause and resume when you are running for your morning walk and shedding some sweat.

    More And More Details On Watch OS3
    More And More Details On Watch OS3

Relax And Breathe:

  • The new breathe app of apple has also made it presence above from up to mark watches in the market with better management of every day stress which guides its user through series of deep breaths calm the body for a moment. You may start this app anywhere and anytime which shows mesmerizing animation and gentle taps helping you focus deeply. You may also set your daily session in this app and also set time to calm yourself with watching your heart rate after the session is over.

Faster Messaging:

  • Now greater range of stickers and emoji’s are the options and also you may share your secrets with invisible ink reply in your own handwriting, taps, sketches and your heart beat from same place and send and respond to messages faster than ever.

    Faster Messaging On New Watch OS3
    Faster Messaging On New Watch OS3

Home Control:

  • Whether its about controlling your home panel and adjusting lightning or checking that who is on your front door or checking your thermostat the apple has solved the daily life issues in a technological manner!

New SOS App:

  • Also introduction of SOS app also provides security to the user of the watch with local emergency calls on just pressing and holding the right button which also helps in sending a quick message alert to your emergency contacts.

Apple Pay Services:

  • You may also shop and reload your gift cards and add minutes to parking center or order your favourite meal using apple pay services from your own personal watch.

Sensible Watch:

  • Either you are wearing your apple watch or you are nearby to it, the watch senses the presence of its owner and with the help of Mac senses and logs in automatically so it always ready to use as soon as you want it as your friend in need.
  • On the whole the Watch OS3 is must to have with your other updated gadgets for smooth and pleasure experience.

This Watch OS3 is really going to make Apple Watch really great and useful device, for more WWDC 2016 update visit our WWDC page which contain gist of important product launch in WWDC 2016.[Source]


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