WWDC 2016 keynote finally over we are hear many biggest changes in the history of Apple. Apple introduce four platform which consist of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. These are best at there best to enhance user experience with new updates and experience. All four interface is correctly represent there own hardware so it’s easy to identify them. It’s over a decade we have seen the iOS first mobile touch based UI which revolutionize the way we see phones and use them by simply our fingers. iOS is changing year by year by including many feature like Multitasking, Spotlight search, Siri, Continuity, Split Screen, Metal, Handoff and more. iOS receive major update in iOS 3, iOS 5, iOS 7 and iOS 10. iOS 10 has many enhancement which really tells the story of decade and made the experience of each and every things so streamline. iOS 10 focus on 10 feature which really need limelight as we also discuss about it.


  • Experience of the device makes major impact on how we use iPhone with all new Lockscreen which looks fantastic and works awesome. Lockscreen now support rich data on the screen with direct reply with overall conversation going on which enhances the lock screen.iOS 10 Experience
  • User can access the Camera by simply swiping on right which opens up Camera interface very easy and faster than ever. While on the left swipe it opens up the Docks. Docks now a way to put widget on the go Souter can place widget in place particular for it. Widget can become more responsive and awesome.
  • Control Centre also get a design change with good icons and useful UI. Music sidebar also get a special side by simply swiping open music interface which is light and fluid.
  • Apple now support wake device to power up the screen so you never miss notifications just flick the phone up. While earlier TouchID is so fast and fluid that seeing notifications on the Lockscreen become a issue so Apple simply solves it.iOS 10 Experience 2 Notification Rich
  • Rich notifications iOS is now capable of taking rich notifications so user can send and receives data with rich links and images on the Lockscreen.new iOS 10 Lockscreen
  • Quick app launch user can respond to each apps specifically with each have different respond so user can easily get towards app without opening it in the Lockscreen section.
  • Notifications Centre also get the same quick app command with new redesign which look awesome and light. Now there is only notifications area while today area is now removed. With search bar to make searches on the notifications bar.
  • 3D Touch is getting immersive update as by simply pressing notifications in Lockscreen open respond window so user can respond on the Lockscreen. 3D Touch also get rich notifications in the quick app launch so user can take benefit of the app without going inside it with quick app launch.


  • Siri is never been great than this as Siri is finally available for developers to get hand on so using Siri is now become more awesome as Siri is able to book a taxi, book a reservation, book a hotel and much as developers put there hands on it. Siri also available for Mac makes things more good. iOS 10 Siri
  •  Siri can respond to third parties messaging apps like Whatsapp, Wechat and Etc. Siri can intelligently searches photos in library so finding photos is never been easy. Siri also become intelligent to works seamlessly through out the interface with each and every apps. So give a try Siri she is now more smarter than ever.iOS 10 Doing text with Siri


  • Quick is really a good feature introduced in iOS 8 while making QuickType with Siri intelligence is more than amazing as Siri seamlessly works through it and QuickType gives suggestion based on topic as in the conversation some ask other address now Siri shows suggestion of the address and much more. Intelligent provide QuickType to share live location, share contact info, own context predictions and much more.iOS 10 QuickType Keyboard


  • Apple finally introduce Photo App updates which includes new Memories, Maps location of the photos, intelligent imprint of Siri and Face recognition which makes app worth for.
  • The new App comes with same interface layout with new memories tabs which holds and create whole lots of memories so user can reimagine the holiday as it was with new auto create video mode which details about trips new text to separate whole lot of trips  and much more to try about it.new overhaul to Photos App
  • Now intelligent search reads photos and separate it according to situations and made new block of it so user can easily see how many selfies they have taken or mountains photos of all their photos and much more. Intelligent also include search so user can easily write there own way of search and gets the result. Maps arrange the trips according to location so easily makes things to where to make next vacation. Photo are arranged int face album so organising photos is never been easy at all. There are other refinement like editing video with filters and much effect and much more try it.


  • Maps app from Apple is highly criticise about showing less data as Apple introduce new Maps app which includes new interface with very streamlined looks as easy to use UI. Maps also gives suggestion for places to visit there and also book places from from the maps. Maps also gives power to developers as Apple introduce new Maps API so developers can make maps app more engaging like booking taxi right from the maps apps. Apple introduce new traffic reports so user can go for easy and less traffic road to get way easy.Maps update in iOS 10

Apple Music

  • Apple Music finally get a design overhaul with easy to use interface with more streamlined performance. Music Apple has more to show music with less words make things easy to use. As connect is removed from the Music app. Lyrics make its entry to music app with scroll interface.Apple iOS 10 Music Overhaul
  • While whole music app is amazing with new redesign and easy interface. With section include For You, Music, Play, Radio and search. Apple puts hard effort to make this app more useful so let’s puts hand on it and start to grove.

News Apps

  • Apple introduce News app in iOS 9 for providing latest and greatest content as Apple news is getting more news provider from earlier. With getting more design change which is easy to use UI of news app is completely changes with features of top stories, trending, news of your interest and much more.Apple iOS 10 New News App
  • News app also include subscription so user can be together with that content as it arrives. And notifications alert for top news.

Home Kit App

  • Apple finally introduced HomeKit Standalone app which makes purpose of smart home easy as it consist of a interface in which all devices are arranged don’t matter if they are from other manufacturers all lies under one hood. UI has more responsive way to interact with devices with touch based gestures.iOS 10 Standalone Apps for HomeKit
  • HomeKit App also enables Siri so intelligent becomes more intelligent. As Siri based command works fine as you say good morning may light up your rooms light draw up curtains and much more. HomeKit app also available for iPad so using in both device is amazing.


  • Phone is basic element of a Phone making calls reply text and do much more is amazing way to use phone. Apple also enhancement this experience by introducing certain new features. Voicemail transcript so if user send a voicemail other person can also convert audio into a text which makes reading lots easier. Phone app with Cisco introduce new way to use only one phone even if you have different work number user can get call on the phone.iOS 10 Voice Mail
  • Phone app gets third party access in contact so user can saves whatsapp number on the contacts and much more. VoIP calls now get call like screen as earlier there is notifications in the locks screen which makes less aware to about call. So Apple introduce this feature so call experience is like never before. Spam protection also opens for apps like truecaller which makes spam aware so receiving unwanted call is easy to decide. Phone app get opens to developers to get hands on.


  • iMessage gets the biggest ever change since it is as new iMessage introduce rich notifications data so user can send rich notifications to each other. Emoji prediction emoji is best part to reply your feelings so Apple introduce new emojis prediction which reads the text and suggest emoji of it which is super easy to use.
  • iMessage get new emotion style text so user can send text according to situations like congrats or happy or much more. Adding new marks option to message to make comment toward text. Video and photos are also like never before user can sends with running and more effects than ever.Apple iOS 10 New Update
  • Apple also introduce digital touch to photos and sharing artwork which is really awesome things to use a it applies many effect to photos. Apple also opens iMessage for developers so other app can take benefit of it like sending money is easy and can be done by iMessage and much more like Gifs of Photos.


  • Apple drastically changes they way we use our iPhone with making Siri a revolutionary change for tomorrow. Apple makes a seamlessly interaction between Macs and iOS devices. Feature like new interactive lock screen with all new widget drawer look amazing. Making iMessage more interesting to text really revolutionise the texting. And more see as Apple iOS receiving it’s 10 instalment things are getting refined from its level.
  • For compatibility iOS 10 is available for iPhone 5 or above, iPad 4 or above,iPad mini 2 or above and iPod Touch 6th gen. iOS 10 is available for developers preview start today and public beta on July while user can take benefit of final version in this fall.


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