One Plus 3 Flagship With Celebrity Entry: Thinking of a flagship killer may not possible as many companies are trying to put effort to make their flagship best manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, HTC and more already grab the smartphone market so making space and create a new thinking requires a revolutionary idea which come by a not a new company today OnePlus which really makes us to rethink about smartphone. As OnePlus phones are top of line specs with low cost really make space in heart of many people since three years. As company itself acclaimed their smartphones as flagship killer. OnePlus releases since two flagship which really makes impact in the market.

One Plus 3
One Plus 3                             Image Credit: One Plus

One Plus 3 Flagship With Celebrity Entry:

  • Yesterday OnePlus has released it’s third flagship killer OnePlus 3 which makes a tag line “it’s about time”. OnePlus really learned from its previous mistakes and make this device more awesome than previous with all new metal unibody design with chamfered edges makes device easy to hold. As the device is now so this just an about 7mm which makes this device to hold comfortable.

    One Plus 3 Flagship
    One Plus 3 Flagship                         Credit: One Plus
  • Device has got new dash charging which is unique of its kind as simply it is a type of fast charging which make run a day on half a hour of charge.
  • Dash charging comes with a wall charger of 4 Amp which generally not seen in today’s device. Which dash charging got benefit as charging will never slow down even you are using the phone which make the device more useful while charging.

    One Plus 3 Dash Charging
    One Plus 3 Dash Charging           Credit: One Plus
  • Device has got 3000mAh of battery while it is reduce 300mAh to make device more thin and light so we have to see how it runs in day to day use in our review.
  • Device has adopted same design pattern from earlier with single speaker grill at the bottom and microphone and headphone jack on the other side while on the middle it has Type-C connector for charging and syncing. While device has same silent slider and volume rocket at down on the other side has lock button. People who prefer color OpePlus finally arrives in two different color in Graphite and Gold.
  • Display of the is gorgeous with super AMOLED panel to introduce which makes display more light bright and vivid. With deeper black and crisp text makes things more beautiful. OnePlus 3 has a F-HD resolution with 5.5-inch display. OnePlus kept this resolution display so it can save more battery life.

    One Plus 3 Display Wallpaper
    One Plus 3 Display Wallpaper   Credit: One Plus
  • From the inside device is a beast as it is power with flagship processor Snapdragon 820 with quad core CPU and in graphics it has Adreno 530 GPU so gaming won’t suffer and system runs buttery smooth.
  • OnePlus 3 has 6GB of RAM which is more than enough as multitasking and swiping between apps open before a blink. Device comes with 64GB of internal storage without expansion while memory is enough for all purpose.

    One Plus 3 Performance
    One Plus 3 Performance               Credit: One Plus
  • Camera of OnePlus 3 has getting more excited as rear camera of 16MP sensor with OIS and EIS so photos in any light conditions are awesome. Camera has f/2.0 aperture so light can make more effect to photos. While on the front device has 8MP camera with many gesture to capture techniques so use and can capture selfie easily. Camera interface is also nice and easy to handle.
  • OnePlus 3 runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 with topped over Oxygen OS 3.0.3 which comes with lost of improvement and feels same as the stock. Device runs buttery smooth and doesn’t lag behind others apps opens faster multitasking faster than a blink and enhance user based setting makes OnePlus experience more better.

    One Plus 3 With Marshmallow
    One Plus 3 With Marshmallow  Credit: One Plus
  • Fingerprint sensor of the device is rapidly fast which opens the device within 0.2 sec which opens device very fast and things are ready to work fast and fluid.
  • For connectivity OnePlus finally reintroduce NFC so payment like Android Pay can now so ease. While the device has 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth v4.2 for other connectivity option. Device is capable of dual Sim both works as LTE which makes swiping between network ease and never let user to lost connection as it has alternatives. 

                                            Tech Awareness Quick Specification

    Display 5.5-inches super AMOLED display
    Resolution 1080×1920 (441ppi)
    Protection Cornering Gorilla Glass 4
    Weight (Grams) 158g
    Operating System Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
    Interface Oxygen OS 3.0.3
    Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor 2.15GHz + 1.6GHz quad-core
    Memory 6GB
    Storage 64GB Internal without Expandable Storage
    Battery 3000mAh (non-removable)
    Fingerprint sensor Yes
    Camera 16MP Rear with f/2.0 and 8MP Front f/2.2
    Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 802.11ac &v4.2
    NFC Yes
    Price $400


The OnePlus 3 is much more refined version of previous gen with unibody metal design, slimmer bezel and light in weight. While the device is very powerful and runs amazing with flagship class internals. Memory and storage has much to store while on the go.

Overall the OnePlus 3 finally tries to become flagship killer with these features. Main attraction for this device goes to its price as it come with price of $400 and with this much of feature makes it flagship killer. As we will give this device overall review in our review session and make you aware about it is a flagship killer so stay tuned.


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