• Facebook App Update For iOS And Android: Facebook redesign app for Messenger as Facebook is targeting to separate main from Messenger.  Messenger app revive update today for iOS while earlier it get update for Android. Facebook has created a whole new interface to interact in Messenger app with new home tab which consist people who most you like and care about as it has tab show friends online, whose birthday next and favourite people you talk most. While the app still not get messages functionality as Android as Apple has restricted it.

    Latest Facebook App For iOS And Android
    Facebook App

Facebook App Update For iOS And Android:

  • The design of interface based on the most important so you can use app like your own not as per app based.
  • While other tabs has Calls, Contacts, Group and Profile as whole interface is still the same with iOS 9 design element. There are little bit tweaks here around with new search bar from back button which makes easy to use interface.
  • Messenger app has many new things which includes earlier update as new emoji, Android stand alone SMS app and much more. New bots functionality really enhances the way we use it with bots things are getting so easy many user are start using the app and bots functionality.
  • There are more to expect from iOS as Apple really opens more opportunities for developers to enhance the UI while they allow VoIP call as call functionality earlier there is notifications and new message app which supports developers impact so making new step toward iOS is easy.


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