Samsung S7 Active: When we ask about what should must in Smartphone the most obvious reply is Best screen,High design,nice build quality, more battery life and tough for nature. And if we say something must solve after over discussion of today as Samsung release it new Galaxy S7 Active as per name suggest the device is tough and never lest you down in each and every aspect. As the device has same design of Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S7 with some built quality improvement which far better than any other smartphones in market. With high line military grade packing to protect device as this concept of Samsung running from years to build a smartphone with this type of protection.

Samsung S7 Active
Samsung S7 Active

Protecting body doesn’t mean they leave screen as they uses shatter proof screen so it won’t get part even after high drop. With stunning display of same 5.1-inch screen with quad-hd resolution with same screen quality. There are there hardware button on screen to response by pressing also device comes with finger print sensor to unlock device within sec. From the side device has volume rocker and unlock button with some pattern to differentiate it. Either side has sim slot while the device comes with sim install from AT&T.

Samsung S7 Active:

  • As from outside the device also outperform from inside as it is equipped by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 which quad core CPU for graphics point of view it has Adreno 530 GPU so gaming and apps are running like beast for multitasking device has 4GB of RAM so it will never get breath while performing task.
  • Camera of Samsung devices are great and this device also have same camera hardware as S7 with 12-mega pixel sensor with all the same stuff. Storage of devices is comes with 32GB inbuilt memory with expansion so keeping files and things never been a issue while expansion can be done upto 200GB.

    Samsung S7 Active
    Samsung S7 Active
  • While differentiating the device from the Galaxy S7 it has some interface change also as it include new active apps. AT&T bloat ware are creating device a mess but it manages all of it. While apps like compass or other active apps performing great. There are some emergency feature to phone call in emergency to police or hospital with use of buttons which nicely done it job. As device shipped with Android Marshmallow version 6.0.1 with topped over Samsung’s touch wiz user interface.
  • Battery of the device is phenomenal than any of two flagships S7 and S7 Edge as active include 4000mAh of battery so it never lose a day to run. Charging device is never been issue as it has micro USB port for charging and syncing.
  • For protection this device has water resistant coating with dust also, screen using shatter display to breaking is now hard, covering device with military grade case will stand it for more longer and durable.

Overall the device has correct tag line active as it will definitely for active user so they can use this device without fear. While device has each and every part form inside and out is perfect so never feel old. For more details and review we will shortly review this device and speak our though on it so stay tuned.


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