Window 10 Anniversary Update:After release of windows 10 Microsoft has announced its next update so called Anniversary Update which comes with lots of improvements and little bits of tweaks in internal apps.

Microsoft shows the feature of:

  • Windows Hello’s biometric authentication to all kinds of apps including the edge browser.You can able to sing in just by finger print not to write password kind of stuff again pretty cool features.

    Window 10 Anniversary Update
    Window 10 Anniversary Update
  • Microsoft takes whole new level of note making by adding Pen support its its native apps like sticky notes, maps etc. Pen support is pretty awesome that while we take sticky note cortana understand certain writings and perform certain function. There are some upgrades like ruler and stencil. This feature brings many new open world for Surface pen.
  • A Linux command-line shell,  Bash is coming to Windows,” said Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo on stage at today’s Build 2016 keynote. Its helps to reach Microsoft to many linux based app user easily.
  • Smarter Cortana commands (such as sending files to colleagues) Microsoft increase the compatibility of cortana into many more field they add cortana in many of there native apps like calendar,mails or skype which helps to create many automated function easily with cortana.

    Window 10 Anniversary Update Cortana
    Window 10 Anniversary Update Cortana
  • Unification between the Windows 10 and Xbox One app stores Microsoft clears one App Store for all its devices which is pretty good to have so that we can purchase one app from one devices run it other compatible devices.
  • Microsoft adds new notification feature which notify you the notification of android device.
  • The Anniversary Update arrives this summer, so it shouldn’t be too long before you can give its features a try.
  • Microsoft releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316 to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring.

Window 10 Anniversary Update:

Here’s what’s new in Build 14316

  • Run native Bash on Ubuntu on Windows: In this build, you can natively run Bash in Windows as announced last week at Build 2016.
  • Cortana Cross-Device Features: Starting today, we will be releasing new features to Insiders on an ongoing basis that keeps you in perfect sync across all the devices where you use Cortana to stay connected and never miss a beat throughout your day.

    Window 10 Anniversary Update Cortana Adoption
    Window 10 Anniversary Update Cortana Adoption
  • Low Battery Notifications: Cortana will now inform you of low battery power on your mobile devices. For example, if your phone’s battery is low, a notification will pop up on your PC so you can promptly charge it before your next meeting.
  • Find my phone/Ring my phone: We all lose track of our phone from time to time and now you can ask Cortana to find your phone, regardless of device, on your PC using the new find my phone feature. The feature will allow users to locate their phone from their PC through geo-location and by having Cortana ring your phone.
  • Share map directions across devices: To date, people go through a lot of effort to manually connect the dots between devices—emailing links to open on other devices or re-doing a search on the phone to find directions to a location they were just looking at on the PC. Today, we’re breaking down one of those barriers by enabling you to access navigation details across devices through Cortana. Tell Cortana “directions to < place>” on your PC and she’ll send those same directions to your phone.
  • Action Center Improvements: Microsoft  added the ability to select which app notifications are more important to you in Action Center.
  • Personalization Improvements: Microsoft  added the ability to universally toggle between dark and light modes.
  • When you switch to dark mode, apps such as Settings, Store, Alarms & Clock, Calculator and other UWP apps that listen and respond to theme changes in the OS will change into dark mode. Some UWP apps that control their own theme settings (separate from Windows) won’t change by toggling this setting.


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