OnePlus 3 Ram Management Issue Fixed: Since the release of OnePlus 3 things are getting bit change in smartphones as they are becoming more powerful than PC. As standard PC has about 4GB of RAM while OnePlus 3 comes with 6GB of RAM while we thinks might think more RAM makes more power but that not true in all cases it somewhat optimization is concern between phone and software as in iOS devices they still has 1GB or 2GB of RAM.
Recently there is complains about OnePlus 3 RAM management issue goes around internet. Which means that there are some bugs around the device it still can’t manage to take benefit of this humongous RAM. In comparison test OnePlus won’t able to stand against device has 3-4GB of RAM. Company CEO Carl Pei to also confirm about this issue of RAM management.

OnePlus 3 Ram Management Issue Fixed
OnePlus 3 Ram Management Issue Fixed

OnePlus 3 Ram Management Issue Fixed:

  • Having this much of RAM comes with great Background task management opening large amount of apps in background and open while they are in need as it is without any load time but somehow OnePlus 3 fails to these things while there is more battery drainage and not lot of multitasking.
  • While if you want to resolve this problem you can do this tweak the factory settings, by doing rooting your device while OnePlus allow access to root your smartphones and they don’t void your warranty. After rooting your device download BuildProp Editor app which will give you to control whole RAM management inside the app and you can set app limit upto 20.
  • By applying such tweaks really works and App in background now increases up more so user can take benefit of more RAM. There is no change in battery issue while there is tweak to arrive sometime soon this year to manage battery and RAM in recent updates. Serrafero is the one who take step further in this step and provide a solution so user can take the gigantic RAM to work upto mark.

While OnePlus should resolve this issue in any time soon and bring more enhancement to software so user can works seamlessly to system.


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