iPhone 7 256GB Model Leaks Revisited: It’s not about a month after Apple Developers event and leaks of Apple special event are taking place in which Apple releases it’s flagship smartphone and most anticipated iPhone 7. As event will head in September but leaks are coming more rapidly which describe which feature are coming and which are not. As from major previous leaks saying that new iPhone 7 comes in three model is again keeping it’s pace up. As new models include iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro and iPhone 7 Plus which means more choices for consumer but it is right to put forward model so many models to choose from as Apple is always stick to flagship.

iPhone 7 256GB Model Leaks Revisited:

  • As far new models concerns there are some specs difference between all three devices as higher the price more refined version you’ll get. As new iPhone 7 Pro and Plus models should get dual camera support, may get 3 GB RAM to Pro and 4GB RAM to Plus and much more extra feature which will define product presence.

    iPhone 7 256GB Model Leaks
    iPhone 7 256GB Model Leaks
  • From previous leaks which says new iPhone 7 will have more storage option will include 256GB same as iPad Lineup. By making more storage option in smartphone really requires a good processor to making user experience more refine and fluid as Apple is good at so let’s see what will happen.
  • Apple may also ditch 16GB as 32GB may become standard model as 16GB is so much frustrating to use as it fill out in a while we start getting phone. The new storage models will include 32GB, 64GB 128GB and 256GB as iPhone 7 will have 32GB, 64GB and 256GB, iPhone 7 Plus and Pro will have 128GB model in addition of of all those. Pricing of new iPhone 7 models is leaks image at Weibo which showing all these three models and pricing at down below.

As we are getting toward for iPhone launch dates things are becoming very narrow as leaks are very slow and not much interesting about iPhone. Many feature like headphone jack is on the verge of end or may not end, new color replacing space grey and much more we previously see. As Wall Street Journal has said that Apple technology is not yet ready for use which means iPhone 7 will not have much more expectation as expected as major overhaul will receive at iPhone 8 and many analyst also consider this thought. So stay tuned for all the latest and greatest news from Apple as we are here to give you minute detail of it. We also have all the leaks related to iPhone 7 one place that is the compilation of iPhone 7 leaks and rumors you may also check that.


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