iPhone 7 Sensor Repositioning: Leaks of iPhone 7 are getting more pace as soon as Apple developers event ends things are getting pretty change in the iPhone 7 but some still thought it will don’t have much revamp from previous gen. As Leaks showing some positive and negative effect impact on iPhone 7 as it looses user expectation with new comings as most recent new gen iPhone 7 will come in three models as iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro and iPhone 7 Plus or headphone jack is on the verge of end or may not end some leaks showing it but some leaks still showing headphone jack and much more. Here we collect some most recent leaks which taking eyes of people.

iPhone 7 Leaks
iPhone 7 Leaks

iPhone 7 Sensor Repositioning:

  1. Screen Sensor Repositioning

  • Apple recently have stop taking screen modules of iPhone 7 from manufactures as they are making more change it to as they have add slightly larger ear piece, ambient light sensor now comes with true tone sensor same as iPad Pro 9.7-inch and  FaceTime camera may receive more shift. So things are getting exciting about iPhone 7 Display as much more it has.

    iPhone 7 Sensor Repositioning
    iPhone 7 Sensor Repositioning
  • As report from cities various manufactures and venders of screen protectors who have stopped getting order of new screen protector because of this change. New change many replace Ambient light location is change and located on the right side of the earpiece as earlier it is located on the left side of earpiece.
  • Apple also confirms that they are updating proximity sensor to a “dual specification” which means more accurate response in day to day use.
  1. New Dark Mode

  • Recently Apple launch iOS 10 and new developers preview and codes of iOS 10 hinting toward new Dark Mode in iOS 10 which pretty good as there is no expectation of AMOLED screen in iPhone 7 but still it pretty soon for it’s arrival. As iPhone 8 is expected to have AMOLED screen which will take benefit of this Dark Mode as deeper black looks fabulous in AMOLED screen but it may hinting that AMOLED screen may come in iPhone 7.
  1. New Base Storage 32GB

  • Apple may ditched 16GB models as it is not enough for storage as Apple skip 32GB in iPhone 6 may again come in series with iPhone 7. Leaks also claiming that new iPhone 7 will have 256GB for higher storage.
  1. Larger Camera Module

  • Leaks are predicting bulge outside the iPhone 7 will be reduce but it still there little bit and Apple may introduce new Camera module sensor which is larger in size as they are making photography thing in smartphone more cool as larger sensor will include more refine camera from previous gen and will have new feature as iPhone 7 Plus still have dual camera technology while it will also has larger sensor.

    iPhone 7 Leaks
    iPhone 7 Leaks Image Credit Weibo
  • Apple is making things more exciting with new iPhone 7 and what it will bring to us as CEO Tim Cook also says that iPhone 7 will have feature which user can’t live without. So iPhone 7 will also be a pretty goo deal for Apple and Apple is trying to make good out of it.

Overall iPhone 7 is still trying to make people expectation more as some analyst also predicted that Apple may overhaul design change in 2017 iPhone so there are certain things which will Apple is saving for next year. Apple Watch 2017 also comes with new leaks check out us with this new leak.


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