WhatsApp Update Include Larger Emoji and Apple Music Sharing: Messaging Apps are getting more attention these days all tech giants like Google releases it’s new messaging app Allo. Apple also puts a step further to more exciting messaging things by the introduction of most favourite platform iMessage which sends about 2 Million Text in a second which really a most used platform. In to addition WhatsApp the most used messaging platform in world used by billions of people all across the world and most favourite among all of us So WhatsApp also making it’s app more refine by introducing two new feature larger emoji and music sharing in iOS as these are the feature which recently launched with iOS 10.

WhatsApp Update Include Larger Emoji and Apple Music Sharing:

As these report comes from German publication Mcerkopf, who spotted these changes in iOS WhatsApp for iOS beta. As new feature include sharing of Apple Music link which can use to send other user on iOS and Android as Apple Music App is available in both. User can get rich album art art of music music details so user can get rich experience about music.

WhatsApp also include larger emoji icons in app so user can get loud expression to express. Icon now become three times larger than usual icon. WhatsApp also get support of new unicode 9 icons so new face icons packs also get introduction in new Apps. WhatsApp also include support of GIFS in app so user can as now there is no support of support of Gif in WhatsApp recently.

As earlier this month WhatsApp include quote message when replying. As user use to press harder to get quote. As WhatsApp also get many approach 3D touch as new harder press to icon open easy access to app. Also inside the it has peek and pop function to use app with 3D touch.

WhatsApp also include new video call feature as it is spotted into Android beta App. So user can use use Video call feature in most favourite in WhatsApp. And earlier this month WhatsApp also include web app for Windows and MacOS.


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