iPhone 7 Black Color Leak: iPhone 7 is start getting limelight with numerous changes before it’s “S” as new iPhone Leaks is pointing toward new iPhone 7 Color. New Leaks pointing new iPhone 7 will come in 4 color option which include new Black Color as like previous iPhone 5 and 4S to match Apple Watch Black version. As tipster is iPh1saying that new color will be darker than Space Grey and more like previous iPhone 5. As this leaks not saying about Dark Blue version iPhone 7 which is leaks recently in a weeks ago. As far new color concerns look awesome and with pair of Apple Watch Black edition makes things much same and perfect same as Rose Gold version.

iPhone 7 Black Color Leak:

Apple usually launches new color in “S” models as Gold Color in iPhone 5s and Rose Gold Color in iPhone 6s. So expectation of new color of iPhone 7 will be in iPhone 7s model while there is skip of S model version according to leaks which meant new iPhone will be iPhone 8.


Apple is teasing iPhone very curiously with each and every detail like from previous leaks showing price, product design, 3.5mm Headphone Jack Removal, Ear Piece Larger size and much more which really somewhat creates a perfect picturesque what will be happen in next iPhone 7. Some Leaks which are coming since iPhone 6s Launch was Antenna Band Slimmer design, Less Thick than iPhone 6s, no 3.5mm Headphone Jack and much more which are still here in recent leaks.


Things are getting more exciting as Apple leaks for iPhone as it helps APPL stock to grow more as new color is introducing as rumor in internet and getting more public attention. As Apple announce new Q3 earning call event on 26July as from previous earning this will surely come into Apple hand as iOS 10 has proven something promising to use and also leaks something about next iPhone version will have.


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