New Nougat is Revealed: After many days without name Android next version of Android N after all get a name called as Nougat as people are expecting Nutella. Google has unveiled this name yesterday morning in ceremony at Googleplex by showing a nougat bar. But the Android version of Nougat is still not tipped yet.

Android N New Nougat
Android N New Nougat

New Nougat is Revealed:

  • As Many are expecting that next version will become Android 7.0 while on the new Android Studio 2.2 showing the new version of as Android version 6.2.x while it is not confirmed yet.
    While the latest developer preview is hinting towards version 7.0.
  • In the search of name Google has put their effort by giving N naming job to PNI which comes with certain names narshmallow, Nougat and so on. After public poll and opinion finally Android Nougat is out which sounds pretty good.

    New Nougat is Revealed
    New Nougat is Revealed
  • As far nougat is concern is is kind of candy bar with roasted nuts and fruits in it. It is not the first time that Android get an Candy name as earlier it get Kitkat, Jelly bean which also much favourite version among users.

Google Android Nougat come soon with developers preview version 4 with new security patches as developers preview 4 is much stable and can be put on your Nexus devices. While recently Android Nougat will release in September may be along side it’s Nexus Device as this year may be tipped for HTC. While Developer Preview 4 is compatible with Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P and Nexus 9.


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