iPhone 7 Leaks Till June: Apple iPhone 7 is start creating more round up after the WWDC as about many leaks are tipped showing each and every details about the device last month is about lots and lots of leaks among all of them certain are saying the truth about the device.

iPhone 7 Leaks

iPhone 7 getting slow peace in getting people attention as many are expecting that Apple may change the device from the scratch as many many analysts are also rejecting this thought as new iPhone overhaul will receive in iPhone 2017 version with much new technology which will change iPhones. As we look over iPhone 7 last month is about leaks and peaks of device which really says about the device as some changes like removal of headphone jack is starting becoming true, new Camera sensor may also get camera sensor bump, larger ear piece and repositioning of proximity sensor, new force Touch ID, Black iPhone color and much more which takes the front rows of the tech sites. As are giving you the most favourite leaks from the last month in a compact session so you’ll imaging device by yourself.

iPhone 7 Leaks Till June:

1.New Force TouchID:


iPhone 7 Black Edition

Leaks are pointing towards about new force TouchID button with Black than Space Grey version as the new leak look cool. About the functionality of new 3D TouchID is still not confirmed yet as it may work as and remote to control the apps. While this concept was posted by designer Martin Hajek which shared this new 3D render image. The Force Touch ID may work like a trackpad as it may help to work faster. The button will also provide haptic feedback so a user will feel the press and harder press. The iPhone included in the leaks is iPhone Black version which is not the space grey model as it is new black color models of iPhone.

2. New EarPods Lighting Connector:

iPhone 7 Lighting Connector EarPods Black Color

While after the leaks of iPhone 7 without the headphone jack many companies has started to remove it before Apple as companies like LeEco, Moto and more they already worked with Type-C earphones or Wireless. While in the market things are already getting change as companies like Bose, B&O and other are start introducing Wireless Headphones which is pretty amazing.

iPhone 7 Lighting Connector EarPods White Color Leaks

As we talk about leaks iPhone 7 may surely lose the support of 3.5mm headphone jack as Company is looking forward of other arrangements. Leaks are showing new Lighting Connector Headphone Jack with Black edition of iPhone 7 in black color looks awesome. And also other leaks is showing white too. As far headphone concerns it have a support of Lossless Audio so music will be like never before. The new headphone jack looks same as the current gen one but with the connectors, a side has the new port of lightening port. The image of leaks is from Weibo via iPhone7.nl.

3. New Storage option with Base Model 32GB:

New Leaks showing iPhone 7 will have new storage option 256GB for the higher model while also the base storage is also changing up to 32GB as Apple is ready to ditch 16GB. As 32GB as base storage is the good option for iPhone while Apple is doing some efforts on the software point of view as in iOS 16GB will get about 12GB storage while earlier is only about 10.6GB while is fill within a day or two days of use.

The leak is also showing that new iPhone model will have 256GB of storage same as current gen iPad while the quality of content is increasing day by day to why, not storage?

4. New Black Edition iPhone:

Leaks from June showing a black edition of iPhone 7 with the black version as it is not the Space Grey version while it looks like iPhone 5 from where Apple ditch Slate Black version. In black color iPhone, 7 looks awesome while it matches Apple Watch Black color and both are best for each other.

5. Repositions of Earpiece:

Recent leaks are showing that iPhone 7 will have larger earpiece while Apple has the new order for the company who making iPhone 7 front panel. While repositioning will receive sensor arrangement while proximity sensor will receive the update and may get true tone screen as like new iPad Pro 9.7-inch. So display changes according to Light condition and won’t hurt your eyes. As leaks also conform by screen protection companies who are making protection covering of iPhone as the stop getting the order because of screen panel change.

6. Camera Bump:

New iPhone 7 will surely get Camera Bump as leaks are pointing towards larger sensor even if camera bump is slightly reduced but still there. New Camera in iPhone 7 may support 16MP sensor with a much improved sensor so photos will live like memories.

This is so far we have viewed and examine about iPhone 7 around this month while there are much more exciting to see as we get more forward to launch date in September. For a while I would like to take your leave to again provide this type of content until then please subscribe down below so you will not miss the leaks again.


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