Apple Vs Spotify App Rejection Issue: Yesterday Apple is alleged by Spotify to block to upload new App update in Apple App Store. As this report is captured by Recode and also confirms by the spoke person of Spotify. As Spotify General Counsel send a letter to Apple’s Legal team to make a acquaintance about this issue also also claiming that this will harms some user to use the App as Apple is not allowing to upload new version of App in the Store.

Apple Vs Spotify App Rejection Issue:

As this might come in the mind that Apple is trying to promote there App Apple Music which was arrived a year ago is getting competition with Spotify Music app which was introduce way back. As Apple Music is getting attention of Apple user is it just crossed 10 million paid subscriber within a year. As Far Spotify concerns they have around 100 million of user in which about 30 million is paid one. So this might be probability that Apple user of Spotify may get disturbed with the App and company is trying to reach there customer but Apple is troubling with App update. Some might think that Apple is promoting there App while some think Apple has nothing to do with this as they are Anti competitive in this issue.

Spotify letter is directly claiming Apple’s billing policy which requires all developers so Apple decide the profit percentage of the earning. While making a App for Apple and make it to approve is a very mind blowing patient step as it is very hard.

Apple Verse

As Apple General counsel Bruce Sewell countered company and said a cut of transactions in App store 30 percent cut Apple takes of subscription in its App Store for functioning of services. While Spotify is trying to compel Apple accept it’s mistake and stop promoting it Apple Music service.

As this small issue is going since about a year when Apple Music was launched and start to function as App is getting subscriber day by day and functioning around 100 countries in the world while Spotify is only about 55 countries.


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