Htc Nexus Marlin and Sailfish is Arriving: As new Android has finally got a name the arrival of next Nexus is on the track as this year with HTC as HTC has widely accepted this and they are working on two models Codename M1 and S1 which are Marlin and Sailfish. Both Nexus device is expected to launch in September event and phone will be available in this fall soon as Android new version released as both devices is shipped with Android Nougat.

Htc Nexus Marlin and Sailfish is Arriving:

  • Both devices are based on flagship blueprint with flagships processor and hardware. While Sailfish which is smaller version of 5.0-inch screen and Marlin which may sports 5.5-inch screen.
  • As from the leaks Marlin will sport a quad core processor must be in the series of Snapdragon 821/823. The device has 4GB of memory for optimum multitasking and run smooth. New Nexus will have 32,64 and 128GB models for storage option while Sd support is still obsolete. It may have 5.5-inch of Q-HD display which is a Amoled Panel with next gen technology. As deeper black and color saturation is so good.
  • Marlin will have rear fingerprint sensor same as current Nexus with bottom firing speakers gives you the feel of more stereo effect while headphone jack on the top. Device will support a Type-C cable for syncing and charging as device may support Qualcomm’s Quick Charging technology which may juice up device within an half of hour of plugging. Battery of device has about 3470 mAh so it may run about a day and half. For connectivity device has 802.11ac with Bluetooth version 4.2 and also have NFC for Android Pay.

    Htc Nexus Marlin and Sailfish
    Htc Nexus Marlin and Sailfish
  • Camera on HTC is always a talk about as Marlin will have better camera than HTC 10 with sensor of 12MP rear and 8 MP front so capturing moment is not an issue for device as it has true tone flash in night light imaging and also having OIS on both side camera.
  • Sailfish also powered with Snapdragon 820 processor while it has same 4GB of Ram. For storage this device comes with options of 32 and 64GB models. Camera on this device is about same as Marlon with same USB Type-C port and bottom firing speaker which may have stereo support. While fingerprint sensor is also at the back with Nexus Logo on the back of both devices. Sailfish has 2770mAh of battery while having lower processor and smaller screen may run this device more longer. This device has 5-inch display with Amoled panel with may have a F-HD screen.

So it is pretty exciting to see what these two device has to offer with same HTC design and powered with Google Android as same as earlier Nexus made by HTC in 2010. While Both devices will release along Android Nougat release so must wait to see what will happen in both devices.


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