USB Type “C” Connector: USB Type “C” Connector is now available in Apple’s new MacBook which has a single type-C port, but this is not the only specified standard provided by Apple as now type-C connectors will be available in all the existing used USB standards provided in either laptop or notebooks and all type of androids phone as well. This new USB standard will spread widely that currently uses older version of USB connector.
The USB Type-C is a new small physical connector. The connector itself is a capable to almost handle all the devices itself with hassle-free complexity of changing wires or changing of slots as per the different USB size requirement and their power capacity for various devices. Earlier we all were used to be familiar with Type-“A” Connector, although we have moved from USB 1 to USB 2 and on to USB 3 devices but the connector was all same. It’s as wide as ever and it only plugs in one end, it is awkward to make sure every time that it’s oriented correctly when you plug it in. the Type-C connectors is a single connector standard that every device is able to use and can be fitted in smartphones, game controllers, digital cameras and all other devices out there you might want to plug in via USB replacing “mini” and “micro” connectors.

USB Type “C” Connector
USB Type “C” Connector

USB Type “C” Connector:

The Type “C” Connector is close to USB 3.1 standard for faster access and speed delivery and also USB power delivery with improved speed on power delivery over USB connections. The USB power delivery specification ups this power delivery to 100 watts. It is reversible and bidirectional whether to send or receive power. “Apple’s New MacBook” and “Google’s new ChromeBook Pixel” both use their USB type-C ports as their charging port. You can also charge your laptop with the one charger you use for your smartphones and other portable devices. For this type of function you need both external display connected to a power cable and that external display will charge your laptop but the device and cable have to support USB power delivery.
Overall USB type-C is a useful upgrade. It’s receiving thumbs up reviews and making waves on the New MacBook, but it’s not an apple only technology and it will slowly be made available in every devices but although Apple is working hard behind new standards that everyone can adopt. In near future USB Type-C port may even replace the lightning connector on Apple’s iPhones and iPads which is a proprietary standard on which Apple can charge licence fees.


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