Quantum Break: Quantum break is an action-adventure science fiction third person shooter video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft studios, released for Microsoft windows and Xbox one on 5th April 2016. The game is directed by Sam Lake and Mikael Kasurinen and the game features the main protagonist introduced as Jack Joyce who is trying to stop Paul Serene, a close friend and chairman of Monarch Solutions CEO, who is trying to enforce end of time after a failed time machine experiment, which gives jack Joyce time manipulation powers.

Quantum Break
Quantum Break

Quantum Break:


Quantum Break is much like a game book including elements of platform game in less action oriented segments and junction points that interact with the game outcome with episodes of an integrated live action television show featuring real actors in an animated form with actual actors characters, integrating with players choice and with choice of action chosen by the characters.

Game Play:

  • Under quantum break the time stutters can freeze the time with their ability of time manipulation. The players under the game can use variety of firearms and may freeze the time except Joyce. Other than this Joyce can stop the time temporarily allowing him to escape the attack or freeze the enemy by defeating their powers.
  • They may also use time blast which is an offensive tool used by Joyce (The Hero) and may also reverse the target of bullets. Also environmental effects may be used by Joyce through which he may interact and create natural made disasters to turn down its enemies.

    Quantum Break
    Quantum Break
  • Also time rush is an effective power which may be used against the enemy to sprung right next to it and takedown the enemy in a matter of seconds. Not only offensive but also defensive techniques have also been included under the game as time shield which can deflect bullets and dash quickly evading the place of attack. Other than these special techniques game has also less action oriented segment which includes puzzle solutions while progressing in the game like a 3D platformer under which while time collapsing objects may get trapped in a loop.
  • Due to much flexibility in time and its stuttering objects may fall in the ways of player which can be overcome through slowing down the time and also Joyce may revive the frozen characters for help under the game when in need.
Quantum Break
Quantum Break

Overall the game is split into acts which influence the state of the game. The video game portion will tell the story of the protagonists while the show will tell the story of the antagonists. Players can make choice in the beginning of the game as the antagonist.


The overview of the game set forth the story of an experiment made by Paul serene around a river port which goes wrong due to some miscalculations. Due to radiations of the machine the protagonist jack Joyce and antagonist Paul serene, get time travel abilities through which they either may freeze or speed up with many more special abilities. Other than this the collapse of machine damages the structure of time creating loops and holes or a fracture, which means it sporadically freezes for all without time travel abilities or correct equipment. Also as the rule of arc enforces that time cannot be changed through traversals action as it is a natural circle of time and space which is broken by Paul serene by remembering finding a dead vagrant along with Jack Joyce and heads to the place of his death, to startle him and accidentally himself falls to death. Another arc enforced rule is that no player can travel in back before the first power-up of the core nor they would be able to travel in between different machines as the cores would be different.


  • The plot of the game sets upon the help made to Paul Serene by Jack Joyce who is his best friend. Jack Joyce come to know that Paul has experimented his own physics work using chronon particles. Paul when activates the machine will in the scene enters and command them to stop their actions or else the time will break. The machine becomes unstable on that time and douse which give Paul and jack time manipulation time.
  • After monarch solution soldiers appear and steal time machine’s core, both will and jack meets older Paul serene who has seen the end of time, who also suggest them to not to re set the fracture of time as the future never changes. Also Paul detects the building in the future which kills wills under a falling debris. After all this jack is knocked down by monarch and captured.
  • After taking help of nick or Amy and working off the clue with Beth wilder who is a friend of will, jack heads to Bradbury swimming pool to find that will built his own time machine to fix the fracture, called as chronon field regulator, but the time machine is inoperable. Beth suggests in the situation that they should kidnap Dr. Sofia Amaral, head of Paul’s chronon research. When jack comes to know that Sofia is attending monarch gala, jack surrenders to monarch and learns that Paul has been accidentally sent to the end of time in future by travelling will’s machine back to its first activation in 1999. Escaping through monarch labs jack and Beth save Sofia from the explosion. Jack steals Seren’s car while Beth and Sofia escape by sea.
  • Serene although revealed that he is dying from the chronon syndrome lashes at hatch as Sofia is the only one who can administer his treatment. Now Serene either has to place all of his trust in hatch or Sofia where hatch claims that Sofia left with jack willingly. Meanwhile Serene also recognises Beth under the footage security camera that Beth tried to downplay him at the end of time and attempted to murder serene.
  • Jack and Beth forces Sofia at the Bradbury pool to help repair the will’s time machine. Closing a casual loop, jack and Beth planned to steal the CFR in 2010, which was documented to have been disappeared in 2010.
  • Leaving Sofia with Nick and Amy, jack steps under the machine and heads to 2010 where he finds much older Beth who is too much disturbed. Then Beth explains to jack that Sofia send him to the end of time, where she met the younger serene. Beth failed to kill Paul followed him back to first activation in 1999 and stopped him to murder will. After directing will to create the CFR, Beth waited 11yrs for jack to arrive in 2010.
  • Meanwhile Beth and jack reaches will’s workshop where serene corners Beth and shoots her when she refuses to cooperate. The CFR is then accidentally activated which is the main cause of serene’s chronon syndrome. Beth shuts off the CFR, but is executed by Serene’s while Jack can only watch through time.
  • Too much paranoid and sick, serene is informed that despite hatch has destroyed everything one treatment has been recovered. Paul now has to make the choice either to buy time for himself or welcome his death with illness and remain paranoid. Jack meanwhile fights with the stutters with the help of Charlie Wincott. When Jack reaches Serene’s lab, Liam Burke is intended to stop him continuously where jack learns that serene was using CFR to power a lifeboat where researchers could device a solution to the end while remaining protected from it. Jack then uses time travel machine of monarch’s to travel back to the first activation: the night of will’s death.
  • Jack reaching on sight saves will from the university falling debris. Will then warns jack that he cannot simply repair the fracture as it would erase key future events and risk a time paradox. Jack and will then reach Bradbury pool and travel forward in time finding serene and monarch waiting for them. Serene Intent either to retrieve the CFR or destroy it which makes jack kill serene. Will hooking the CFR with time machine asks jack to jumpstart it with chronon energy. Before Paul can further attack CFR activates and blasts the area with chronons fixing the fracture and vaporizing Paul. By then will examines the CFR, burnt put from blast, jack has a vision of himself exhibiting symptoms of chronon syndrome.
  • In flash forward, jack is shown approaching the frozen Beth back at the university whispering he will come back to her. The end scene shows that jack leaving his interview is approached by hatch to work in the newly formed monarch. Jack is shown to take a decision splitting to two pathways similarly to Paul before making decision.
  • Overall the pitch is that the game is about heroes and the show is about villains. Remedy has stated that how you play the game impacts the show and the show informs how you play the game. The series is of four episodes that are about 22 minutes each. In order for players to get the whole story of the game they are advised to watch the series.

Quantum break received positive reviews on Xbox one but mixed reviews in pc, according to aggregate reviews website meteoritic. It is a bestselling retail game in its first week of release in the UK, outselling competitor dirt rally by 139 sales. It was also the bestselling original property released by Microsoft since release of Xbox one.


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