iPhone 7 leaks are changing towards some important breakthrough with the introduction of new technology as iPhone is considered inferior as compared to Android counterpart nowadays so Apple is taking some revolutionary step to make iPhone 7 more remarkable than any other. As leaks from today showing iPhone 7 Plus or Pro having the new smart connector and much more change as described below.

A Step Toward Modular “i”

Apple iPhone leaks from earlier this year are pointing towards a smart connector on the back which will attach modular part so it may enhance usage of iPhone as like iPad Pro. There are many possibilities for what modular part will do as it may include some battery pack, the camera module with some lens, speakers for more amplified sound and much more. As Smart connector may only exclusive for the Plus model as leaks from 4.7-inch is not yet seen.

The smart connector is placed on the back side of the device above the FCC sign connector is very convenient to use and may unlock wireless charging feature.

Not Mute Switch?

New leaks are straight pointing towards removal of a mute switch as this is the best feature of iPhone as it may remove like iPad Air 2 model so they can make iPhone thinner. The mute switch is a must for iPhone as removal may break a heart of many.

New On Screen Button

iPhone 7 may include new On Screen button and flush capacitive Home Button. New Button may lead to thinner design and button also works flawlessly. Apple may also bring button ring inclusion of led light so it may remind notification easily with the new home button.

Touch Sensitive Home Button

On inclusion of Screen Button iPhone 7 also include new Touch sensitive home button for more user gesture make a device easier to use. So a user can crawl the whole interface more easily and faster than ever.

Waterproofing and Dustproofing

iPhone 7 may introduce IP68 rating which really protect iPhone from dust and water as iPhone6s has waterproofing label but Apple doesn’t claim it as iPhone 7 will surely include this feature.
New home button and less port may protect a device from this.

Apple is radically changing iPhone from all previous negative and really improve user experience so they use iPhone as per daily use in any situation. As leaks like shorter antenna band, Dual camera lens and more are still here so it is a wait and watch situation to see what Apple come up with new iPhone 7 as expectations are rising day by day. So stay tuned for all the latest and greatest news and leaks like this and many other please join us.


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