iPhone 7 Battery Leaks: Battery of iPhone is never been on top and always creates negative impact towards user as new iPhone is always a safer for current gen as new gen iPhone really have more battery backup than previous but not able to match industry class. So iPhone 7 is like always expecting to give more battery and leaks also suggesting it. As report out from China earlier this claiming that iPhone 7 have the slightly larger battery.

iPhone 7 Battery Leaks:

But today’s leaks on Twitter from leakers OnLeaks claiming that iPhone 7 will have 1960mAh of a battery which really give out nice battery life. iPhone 6s has battery 1715mAh which is lower than iPhone 6 sports about 1810mAh because Apple uses a new Haptic sensor to take the battery space while new A9 chip really best optimizer to outperform. When we see earlier leaks for removal of 3.5mm headphones jack Apple really use this space for more battery.

  • More battery mAh extra battery life so by Apple may use this extra mAh to run iPhone longer for about 1 and half hour which will add about 4-hour os usage battery life for iPhone 7 if Apple manages this extra battery. After all, there is no method to say about the battery what battery life it will give but it gives more than iPhone 6s as it adds the 235mAh additional battery.

    iPhone 7 Battery Leaks
    iPhone 7 Battery Leaks
  • By calculating by iPhone 7 new hardware removal of the headphone jack and A10 chipset with M10 really give more battery than expected by today. While iPhone is battery hunger phone and eat up battery so fast as possible. So Apple has to do in this sector.
  • As we talk about larger model iPhone 7 Plus it is not clear that it will get battery bump but as both have same design iPhone 7 Plus may get about 3140mAh from 2750mAh as iPhone 6s Plus still has best battery life than ever in iPhone also competing other manufacturers too.

    iPhone 7 Battery Leaks
    iPhone 7 Battery Leaks
  • Apart from this leaks earlier this morning leaks also showing new Lighting Headphones with EarPods design as the device is in white color as like Apple accessories as support of this cable may be the next step of CDLA cable and also Lossless audio which is still the best quality of audio.

Leaks of iPhone 7 are really changing the phase of earlier iPhone with the introduction of many new features will leave all iPhones behind but this is to wait and watch moments for iPhone so wait so two months and stay tuned.


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