HTC Marlin and Sailfish 3D Render Leak: Rumours for new Nexus from HTC are start taking row as both devices are built from the scratch from new manufactures HTC. As this year might both devices comes from same manufactures as not like lasts year one by LG and other by Huawei.

Htc Nexus Sailfish and Marlin
HTC Marlin and Sailfish 3D Render Leak

HTC Marlin and Sailfish 3D Render Leak:

  • This year HTC launch Codename Marlin and Sailfish it is clear that Marlin be top notch specs while sailfish will have low spec than Marlin. But both devices has certain things common in both And this year may have both device equivalent specs from internals so no devices feel like inferior when it comes to overall performance. And Nexus devices is still not feel inferior in performance if we compare both 5X and 6P both these devices has best in class internals and design so next nexus will also features the same.
Android N or Nougat 7.0
HTC Marlin and Sailfish 3D Render Leak
  • Apart from outside device will full powered with Android Nougat and gives you full experience of Google device with certain new feature like Split Screen View, New Vulkan Api so gaming experience felt like never before and Day Dream a new World of Virtual Reality.
  • A concept video is created from the all the current leaks we still know about both of these Nexus and what to expect from these Nexus.
  • As this video is created by Techconfigurations, who show the 3D render version of Nexus with slimmer, seamless and light design. As each corners are perfect and compel to hold the device in the hand while device uses dual stereo speakers which is upgrade from current Nexus while on the back device has smaller antenna band with glass at the back while camera on the device is no more bulge outside. Apart from these the device has no 3.5mm headphone jack which look some wrong as per leaks but Type-C port is may sufficient for new Headphones. By removing 3.5mm jack may also add new audio format of Lossless which is still highest quality in Audio.
  • Apart from other point of view there are nothing much to quote for the device but both devices will have metal body. But all the leaks is pretty showing the real device and much good device.
  • Enjoy the video down below and feel the depth of the device. For then we take your leave while you can stay close to us by subscribe us down below.


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