How to get Pokémon Go Outside US (iOS, Android): Pokémon Go is becoming biggest game in history as its popularity increases day by day and user spend more time than any other app. As game is based on simple AR (Augmented Reality) or mixed reality as game run with the interaction of phone and real world. As game uses phone almost every sensor Including accelerometer, GPS, Gyroscope, Camera and more to give best experience out possible. Game is simply based on Pokémon famous Cartoon of 90’s as in the game user has to capture Pokémon by simply moving around part of world to capture different Pokémon. Game include Pokéstop in the app when you walk by landmarks, Such as museum and other places which you can stock up Poke Balls and other items. One you level up enough to fight Gym Leader you can take a rival with Gym Leader and claim the Gym which gives you experience point.



Pokemon Go Ar Game

How to get Pokémon Go Outside US (iOS, Android):

  • Game also include Gym Battles, Vs Game and much more which really make game good. Different obstacles including Capture Pokémon, Hatching Eggs, Evolve Pokémon and much more make this game different from all other Pokémon Game out there. User can use real money to buy PokéCoins so the can buy Poké Balls as user can spend $35 on a physical wearable devices which help you and remind about Pokémon on the way without looking on the phone.
  • Game is so popular that Game won’t able to expand other placed like Asia, Africa, South America, and other part of Europe. As Niantic the Team behind this game is trying approach all part of the world soon as it requires time mean while user can take benefit of the game if they are outside the region where this game is available in US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and some part of Europe. Down below there are different method to get the game even it not available in your country by each OS.


  • Method 1(for available region user only): User can Simply Go to App Store search Pokémon Go in search section or download from the top charts.
  • Follow this link:
  • Method 2: Change place of App Store user can change region of App Store follow these steps
    Open App Store>Down below Apple ID> View Apple ID> Change Country and Region> Select region where game is available. And the follow Method 1

Apple App Store Changing Method

  • Method 3: User can make Apple ID of different place for example US, Australia or any other place the game is available and download the game with ease.
  • Method 4: Jailbroken iOS device can simply download this game from other alternative App Store.


  • Method 1 (for available region user only): User can Simply Go to Play Store search Pokemon Go in search section or download from the Top Charts.
  • Follow this link:

Pokemon Go On The Play Store

  • Method 2: User can go to these links down below to download the game APK from mirror sites and simply install it and enjoy the games.

These are the method can perfectly solve your problem and let you enjoy the game very well without any interruption. While as far game is concerned game is best game every out there with this great thinking and also lure away heart of user. Apart from these game soon available in Asia including China, India and many other countries too as expansion of this game is slow because of highly response by user which is don’t expected at the time of release.


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