Apple will drop Samsung to Produce A10 as well A11 Chip for iPhone 8: As we are approaching towards new gen iPhone some internal changes in Apple iPhone as A9 chip which is made by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) and Samsung but now A10 in iPhone 7 will only manufacture by TSMC. While reports also claim that A11 chip which powers iPhone 2017 also manufactured by TSMC. While this report comes from Economic Daily News, via Digitimes.

TSMC iPhone 7 A10 Chip Manufactures
TSMC iPhone 7 A10 Chip Manufactures

Apple will drop Samsung to Produce A10 as well A11 Chip for iPhone 8:

  • As Samsung in iPhone 6s create some Chip Gate problem as when it releases on September 2015 and also Samsung A9 manufacture chip gives less benchmark than TSMC A9 Chip. TSMC A9 Chip also gives more battery life in iPhone 6s as compared with Samsung while this difference is not minor as about the hour of battery life issue with Samsung A9 chip.
  • Apple also describes about choice for this Taiwanese Company apart from Korean Tech Giants. So Apple has already taken the step to stop Samsung to produce iPhone 7 chip while TSMC will make all chip for iPhone 7 apart from these leaks making statement that iPhone 2017 model will also get TSMC chip not from Samsung as Apple taken these steps. Apple new generation A11 which is 10nm FinFET process will completely manufacture by TSMC as from the source.
  • As from these step it looks like TSMC has more technological believe than its Korean Counterparts as next gen chip will make TSMC winner as compared with Samsung. While TSMC also finalised design and architecture pattern for Apple A11 chip for 2017 iPhone. While iPhone 7 look similar as iPhone 6s while is also considered that Apple has something Special for its Anniversary Edition iPhone in 2017 so this is getting more excited in 2017.
  • As recent leaks, iPhone 7is start taking it’s shape and virtual pattern in mind as iPhone 7 include slimmer and curved Antenna Band, New Force Home Button, removal of a headphone jack, Camera up gradation and Storage increment.
Apple A9 Chipset
Apple A9 Chipset

While iPhone 2017 version or Anniversary iPhone 8 will have something promising with feature which makes iPhone more loveable than earlier with inclusion of new AMOLED Screen to show deeper back with high correction and nice color reproduction than ever in iPhone, Home button embedded on the screen and much more feature which make 2017 a year to remember in year for father of Smartphones.


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