iPhone 7 new alleged leaked including 3 model 7, Plus & Pro: iPhone 7 leaks is still maintaining pace as only less than 2 month left launch of device and new leaks showing 3 new models of iPhone releasing this year as leaked image spotted on Weibo (Via iPhoneabonnementen), line up include iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro.

iPhone 7 3 Model Including 7, Plus and Pro
iPhone 7 3 Model Including 7, Plus and Pro

iPhone 7 new alleged leaked including 3 model 7, Plus & Pro:

As leaks has some reality as some time ago last month as showing price and models of new iPhone which include all these 3 models and also previous leaks in support of this leaks as this new may have some reality. As Storage model will also include new 32GB as Base Storage and 256 GB for higher one while all these trio will come with same configuration.

While two iPhone 7 with 4.7-inch while iPhone 7 Plus will sport 5.5-inch while Pro model is not confirm yet but may have same dimension as iPhone Plus model. Price of Pro model is also expensive than both normal and Plus model as it may take iPhone Price to new height of thousand dollars or may more.

iPhone 7 Leaks Images
iPhone 7 Leaks Images

From the leaks images there is S model iPhone which is iPhone 6s while new iPhone 7 will not get S variant iPhone as Apple is planing to make anniversary with some interesting feature with new name as iPhone 8. As many expectation of iPhone 8 with new feature that revolutionises iPhone with new display, design, interface, and much more as we get to know about it.

Images are look like Spy Shots which allegedly showing the leaks part of next-gen iPhone 7 which showing some fact for new gen iPhone is really true including no headphone jack, dual camera module in iPhone 7 Plus, new Force home button, larger camera sensor in iPhone 7 and much more. While leaks of iPhone 7 is pretty same as it match all leaks while last week also show a video for iPhone 7 in video with all design element carefully mentioned.

While these trio look awesome and might have something promising to show which will soon to know about these device in this fall as about 2 month is left for release. Apart from these iPhone 7 Pro new to this line up also showing something promising not from outside but from inside with lots refinement in the internals may also full fills the want of iPhone 7s which will not get iPhone line up as Apple skip to iPhone 8.


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