New Video Leaks Of iPhone 7 Highlights New Dual Camera: Leaks iPhone 7 is till comes out the new way every time as it’s about less than two months least for release as Apple may hold the event in early September. The new iPhone 7 which 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display come with the new camera and some improvement. As Plus model will have dual camera lens setup and iPhone 7 will have larger camera sensor for better shots as from leaks. A recent leaks photo from Weibo shows that both iPhone have the different camera as iPhone7 will have 25% larger camera from iPhone 6 models while the sensor still has the same with 12MP. As this will show that iPhone 7 will have better camera experience ever from an iPhone.

New Video Leaks Of iPhone 7 Highlights New Dual Camera:

  • A new leaks video of 30 sec showing iPhone 7 Rose Gold alongside with iPhone 6s video is showing each minor and major detail of the device while you can see it down below. The video look correct as it has all design part which leaks now and then including Dual speakers grills, no headphone jack, slimmer antenna band and much more which show the device is correct one.
  • New camera in iPhone 7 will have good capturing technology as compared to previous gen with more low light capability with great details as we know magical moment always happen in the darks and may iPhone 7 will surely captures it.
  • Apart from the design of iPhone looks slightly better than iPhone 6s with slimmer antenna line and get rid of the older band. New Speakers grill on both sides of the phone looks fantastic and also gives stereo audio with great audio experience, new camera larger shape and also camera bulge out from the phone not put over it looks awesome. As we know the overall design change it not going to happen but the design is till looks fantastic.

    New Video Leaks Of iPhone 7 Highlights New Dual Camera:
    New Video Leaks Of iPhone 7 Highlights New Dual Camera
  • Leaks of exterior part of iPhone 7 getting attention from month but still not able to get what power it from inside as we could image it will power with Apple A10 chipset but event doesn’t know how powerful it and how much ram it will get and what are new network band and much more question still unanswered.
  • New iPhone will surely skip 16GB as based model as it mentioned much time in the leaks and also get 256GB for higher end model. While Pro model of iPhone is still not confirmed as some say it will release while some say it not.


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