Yesterday Apple had announced their third quarter earning result which is about $42.4 billion in revenue and $7.8 billion in profit from April to June quarter.While later year they grossed over $49.6 billion and net income of $10.7 billion. As which looks so loss in this year while as we see saturated market of US make Apple won’t flourish properly as still people are good with their older iPhone don’t want to upgrade.

While this year is being pretty hard for Apple from Q1 earning calls as Apple is doing there best to keep this pace up. As this year they have launched iPhone SE and also thrilled developers in WWDC which surely help Apple in future. When we look at total unit were sold accounts upto 40.4 million units of iPhone, 9.9 million Units of iPad and 4.2 million units of Macs. iPhone sales are the major income for Apple while Macs are losing it’s grip quarter by quarter as it’s over two years Apple not even renew MacBook Lineup excluding MacBook 12-inch.

Apple Q3 Earning Revenue
Apple Q3 Earning Revenue $42.4 billion

As Apple Has growth in 19% year over year in App Store revenue which was the highest ever as said by CFO of Apple. As the have returned over $13 billion to investor through repurchases and dividends and they have completed almost $177 billion of our $250 billion capital return program.

While last year Apple quarter was pretty as compared to this one as they have earned %50.6 billion in revenue, Sold over 51.1 million iPhone, 10.2 million iPad and 4 million Macs.

While this year may not be big for Apple as suggest by analyst so we have seen there quarters and Apple still on able to match their old records what ever be the reason for them. As iPhone 7 also won’t add any extra million to Apple as leaks and analytics shows not much interesting in iPhone 7 as from leaks but may be become main source of earning.


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