Moto Z Droid and Force: Finally after long wait Lenovo finally release their Flagship Moto Z Droid Edition and Moto Z Force. Both these smartphone comes with the concept of future or we called it as Moto Mods which are the best part of these devices. Lenovo has made the best successor of Moto X after taking Motorola Mobile division and launch an awesome product. Modular Phones are not the first time we see in the Smartphones as LG has introduced Modular Concept in LG G5 and earlier it was a concept of Google Project Ara which will go to launch in 2017. But Moto has taken this concept and applied in such a way it looks nice at the same time works awesome. Moto Z Force has Shatter Shield protection which will protect your phone from drops or throw, better camera sensor and it also has more battery life than Moto Z.

Moto Z Droid and Force:

Moto Z Droid and Force
Moto Z Droid and Force

Modular part are also arrived user can pick mods as per their demand and it is pretty handy to use. While Moto called mods as Moto Mods and there is basically three type based on Projector, Speakers and Cover with an inbuilt battery so mods don’t eat up Phone battery.

Display of Moto Z is an AMOLED Panel which has Q-HD resolution color saturation and depth of the colors are very nice. Deeper black and contrast ratio is best for the device.

The design of new Moto Z is really core breaking of it as it so sleek and light that no other smartphones with great design make it awesome. Mods are not only best part of the device as from inside it has flagship processor Snapdragon 820 powered with 4GB of RAM. Storage of device comes with an option of 32GB/64GB inbuilt while a user can expand it up to 2TB.

Moto Z has finally arrived with fingerprint unlock sensor as it becomes fashion in these days to have it. Unlocking time for a device is awesome and quickly make device ready to go. In about 02 sec you just unlock within the flick of your eye so you can imagine it. The headphone jack is obsolete in a device so it made possible to make it thin. While Moto has provides a converter for it so you can plug it into Type-C port. Device charging time also good as it juices up in about 1 hour which is very nice of it. So without further do let’s get started.

Moto Z Droid and Force:


New Moto Z and Z Force has beautiful design pattern which is new Moto universe as new Metal back device gives nice feel out of it. The device is so thin and light, once you hold on your hand, doesn’t feel much weight of it while thinness of the is made it the world slimmest flagship with only 5.2mm thin. New Curved edges on side of the phone make it easier to hold for the longer time and easier to touch the whole screen. But there is a difference between Force model as it has covered Moto Shatter shield Technology which gives it more strength than normal Moto Z dropping from the height over 6 foot doesn’t even scratch the phone.

Moto Z Droid and Force
Moto Z Droid and Force

Looks of device really attract any user and device really compel it to use for longer time. From the front side, device has the fingerprint sensor, Earpiece, Front Camera with Flash. From Side device has Volume keys and Power Button but they are very small sometimes it is hard to distinguish between buttons but this gives device slimmer looks on the other side device has sim slot with memory slot. From back device has a camera Module bulge outside with camera built inside camera module, Speaker is also placed at the back while the device has the magnetic attachment for Moto Mods to attach looks like grills. While on the bottom side device has the Type-C plug from Charging and Syncing.

As we see device dimension of device Moto Z has 153.3 x 75.3 x 5.2 mm (6.04 x 2.96 x 0.20 in)

and Weigh about 136g (4.80oz) which is very light and slim device. While Moto Z Force has 155.9 x 75.8 x 7 mm (6.14 x 2.98 x 0.28 in) and weigh about 163 g (5.75 oz).

A user who are interesting in a color of this device it has basically come with shades of black including Black/Gray, Black/Rose Gold, Black/Gold and White for both devices.


Display of both devices is same as Moto uses same AMOLED Panel which is good in deeper black and awesome color saturation. While Sunlight readability and night light readability is just optimum. Using Q-HD resolution really makes detailing at its best watching movies, Playing games won’t feel dull as Display has potential to produce about 16M Colors.

Moto Z Droid and Force
Moto Z Droid and Force

The display has been protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 while Force Model has Shatterproof Display which has more strength than any other display’s out there. Spec Sheet of Display shows device has 1440×2560 Resolution with 535 ppi which provide device nicest details as possible.


From inside Moto Z is truly like Flagship with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 which is this year flagship choice add phones an extra bit of power while the device has 4GB of RAM which optimal all the multitasking and won’t cause any hiccups or lags. For storage, option device comes with 32GB or 64GB models which user can add extra storage space up to 2TB which is very nice for the user to get all relevant data they want. While hovering around the whole interface of the device won’t make you fell off less power or need more power as it works fines with all apps and games without any issue. Playing Hardcore games like Assassins Creed, Asphalt 8 or NFS won’t able to stop device to perform which means they run well without any issue. While Vulkan Api games can make this device put on the best performance out of it so we have to wait for Android N release.

Hardware of both Moto Z’s is same. As in spec sheet device has Snapdragon 820 which is Quad Core Processor Clocked at Dual-core 2.15 GHz Kryo & dual-core 1.6 GHz Kryo while is powered with 4GB of LPDDR 4 so multitasking is never been the issue for this device. For Gaming it uses Adreno 530 GPU which is able to run all games present in the Play Store. So here you can by own conclude the performance of this beauty which becomes beast from inside.

For Connectivity device has LTE for cellular usage. While device also has Wi-Fi 802.11ac with Bluetooth V4.2. For Online Payment device has NFC so you can use the feature like Android Pay and other very ease. The device has Type-C Port for all purpose device because don’t have 3.5mm headphone jack as Moto has provided a separate converter to use your old headphones.

Unlocking is major security purpose of the device and Moto Z has a fingerprint sensor to unlock the device with fingerprint authentication. A device within 0.2 sec which about flick your and device is opened and ready to go.


The camera of Moto device are pretty good as from previous offering Camera is good in many of review as this tear Moto don’t let this review become bad critics as this year camera is also very good. With 13MP sensor for Moto Z and 21MP for Moto Z Force capturing details and nice moment won’t let you down. Capturing each and every scenario camera will always outperform your wishes with nice details and color accuracy. Nightlight images are also good on both devices while Moto Z Force comes with PDAF+OIS so it captures details more perfectly. The focus on both the devices is very fast as both uses Laser Auto Focus.

Moto Z Droid and Force
Moto Z Droid and Force

Moto Z has 13MP Sensor with f/1.8 aperture. The device has OIS (Optical Imagine Stability) so capturing videos and night light images is not the issue for a device. The device can capture HDR, Panorama, and Slow Motion Video. While Moto Z Force has 21MP Sensor f/1.8 aperture while the device has PDAF+OIS which makes it capture more details at night. While camera features for force device is also pretty same. Both devices can capture 2K Video @30FPS. For night light image both devices have Dual Tone Led Flash.

On the front, both devices have 5MP sensor with the f/2.2 aperture which captures Selfie with nice details. While in night light device also has front flashlight. Capturing video can be up to 1080p.


The battery on both of these devices is optimum for their works as Moto Z has 2600 mAh Battery while Moto Z Force has 3500 mAh which makes it runs longer. Moto Z can hold up to 5-6 hour of usage while Moto Z Force can take up to 6-7 hour of usage.

Both Devices comes with Fast Charging Technology which juice up the device without 90 min and ready to go.


Moto device comes with Vanilla like an experience of Android as same as Nexus devices. Both devices shipped Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with little bit Skin of Moto which gives the device some gesture support to use. While using interface there is no issue as a device is very fast and fluid without any issue. Using apps opening apps on background or switching between app is jus very fast.

While Phone will add the extra feature as it receives Android 7.0 Nougat soon while there is not an official announcement here but surely get Android 7.0.

Moto Mods:

Moto Mods is another aspect to discuss for this device as this device is never complete without discussing this term. Moto Mods include certain modular pieces which enhance or provide the device to be more productive by simple mods as shown in the show like Speakers, Projector, Battery Case and possibilities are endless as Moto province framework of the Mods to any other developers are interested in this topics so they build future together.

Moto Z Droid and Force
Moto Z Droid and Force

Using these mods really enhances the experience of a device with extra abilities like an amplifier, a speaker, a camera module and much more to awaits. While it is very easy to use mods and swapping other ones as it like swapping cover of a device just attach with magnets while these modes won’t eat up phone battery as mods like speakers and projector come battery inbuilt.

JBL Speakers Mod:

This mod is made with the superior quality of speaker from JBL with same stunning sound and durability. The mod comes with the battery so it doesn’t harm device to run with its battery. While the speaker is rally amplifies the sound of the deceive and using the mod is super easy. The user can make the device stand through the stand so the sound is not suppressed user table. The user can use it in beach party or to listen to songs with a group for people sound is optimum for both.

Moto Z Droid and Force JBL Speaker Mode
Moto Z Droid and Force

Instant Share Projector Mod:
Projector mod is capable of making a device a projector which helps people to make big screen cinema in their home. As this mod also comes with the battery pack of its own so doesn’t harm the device. The mod is capable of making 70-inch of a display so watching movies are amazing. The user can use it as content views like movies,Photos or some assignment.Moto Mods

Moto Z Droid and Force Projector Mod
Moto Z Droid and Force

Moto mods include certain battery case which can run device about 22-hour of more backup which Moto mods also include swappable texture cover so a user can completely change the looks and feel of the device.

The battery case is must need accessories which power up the device for extra hours of battery life. Moto mods also include some concept like the virtual keyboard or camera mods and more possibilities.


Moto Z has got the nice makeover as it gets hands in Lenovo as there is no trademark of Lenovo on the device apart from opening screen. The device has got the really nice make over Moto X Style as it has some design pattern of it but it has completely different type of design. Using device and by looking it really takes your heart away as it so thin and light you really try to hold nearby your store.

Using device for any purpose really fulfills it’s usage as it outperforms in each and every factor with so fast Processor, Ram, Graphics, Storage, Camera and Style really fits in every life situation. Apart from there mods are also add extra to the device which unlocks powers of it which are ver nice while there are R&D going for other mods while Lenovo also opens blueprint for Mods for other OEM’s.

Moto Z Droid and Force Colors
Moto Z Droid and Force

The pricing factor of Moto Z-Droid Edition is $624 from Verizon while Force Edition Comes in $720 from Verizon without contracts. While MotoMods, the Instant-Share projector carries a price tag of $299.99, while the JBL SoundBoost Speaker costs $79.99.

Device soon to launch in China sometime in early September.


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