World’s most favourite app Pokemon Go is now where to stop its popularity as Pokemon Go now hit 100 million downloads which adds Niantic $10M for a day which is so much impressing. As we see the share percentage of App download across platform there are about 75M download from Play Store while 25M from App Store.

Pokemon Go Thorid Parties app
Pokemon Go Maps

Previous Apple has also announces that Pokemon Go has broken record of most download app in week as analyst also suggest that in a span of 1-2 years Apple will get about $3B from App. As this Game also help Nintendo to cross Sony revenue in just a week of App launch. So Pokemon is rising very fast and it’s pace not about look down soon.

As Pokemon also make impact other App revenue as user play this game more than any apps including Facebook as Pokemon Go surpasses Facebook two weeks ago. Game revenue apart from Pokemon Go received some drop in US after game release and still managed to hold it’s place.

While the innovation of this could lead other companies to put there step forward to make this amazing augmented reality games which also lies different choices of people. While other developers could also make their game and also become popular as this type of game really take user consciousness and gamer really falls in the game. Developers can also add new way to monetize their app as user have to walk around to play game which could lead to new augmented reality monetization. They also add a new method of in-app purchased which can be purchase through shops or other places as verified by developers. As this would also add much more money to developers than any other monetize platform.

Some third parties app like PokeVision and much more like this as they are not able to run App with its full capability. As this decision has made some players disappointed. As company still have limited access to other third parties app which make Pokemon Go app more easy. Third parties also leads server down which make some user not able to use game. As Niantic has many challenges to make this game worldwide but still expansion is still slow.

On the expansion of app worldwide company soon make game available in Brazil as mentioned.


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