iPhone 7 Plus: Supply Chain Rumor Suggest RAM Increase: As only one month left for best iPhone ever leaks of internal of iPhone 7 is start leaking as DRM industry is expecting growth in third quarter of 2016 as supply chain sources is predicting boost in application RAM to 3 GB into upcoming iPhone 7 while it is unclear that iPhone 7 Plus will get more RAM or not.
As leaks is from DigiTimes as they are expecting an increase in RAM to 3GB while earlier in iPhone 6s is 2GB. As increasing RAM will surely add more multitasking capacity and may make iPhone more

iPhone 7 Design Leaks
iPhone 7 Design Leaks

comparable to other Android phone which include standard 4GB till now. As 3GB RAM may also result in battery issue as this will surely add to fact of increasing battery in iPhone 7 as from earlier leaks which will increase about 18% of increment or maybe around 1900mAh in iPhone 7. Optimisation of iPhone still better than any other smartphone out in the market as 2GB RAM is also sufficient for iPhone as it mange to open several web pages, around 6-7 open app in app switch and faster processing but giving it more RAM will only give addition to this factor not other ones as you don’t feel any difference in daily user cycle.

iPhone 7 Plus: Supply Chain Rumor Suggest RAM Increase: 

This is not the first time as Apple increasing RAM too much as in iPad Pro 12.9-inch Apple uses 4GB of RAM to handle all task while iPad Pro 9.7-inch only have 2GB of RAM but both these device works equally good. Apple also change RAM from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s to 1GB as iPhone 6 has 1GB of RAM while iPhone 7 will get 3GB.

As from expectation iPhone 7 Plus model will get 4GB of humongous RAM as leaks confirming that iPhone 7 Plus will have many difference from iPhone 7 as new Dual Camera, new Smart Connector, will also have More RAM and may also have more powerful processor.

If Apple take this move of increasing RAM will assist overall industry as production of RAM cuts forced by an industry-wide slowdown have resulted in a tight supply of DRAM chips, which has increased pricing across the board.

This leak is also confirming by most renowned KGI Securities analyst Ming Cho Kuo last year in November as he said that 3GB RAM is boosting which will be found in iPhone 7 Plus while yesterday it confirms that iPhone 7 will also have same RAM.

The leaks is still not confirmed in Leaks images or any video about so there is no major existence of extra RAM it is only prediction. Apart from these iPhone 7 like it has something

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Hardware
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Hardware

good internals in it which make it a great deal after iPhone 6s but still around 11% are wanted to swap to next iPhone which make this product popularity pretty slow. While leaks also suggesting that iPhone 7 will not feature any major design change as it receives only fixes form earlier model.


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