iPhone 7 Leaks Till July

iPhone 7 Leaks Picture All
iPhone 7 Leaks Picture

iPhone 7 Leaks Till July:Things really getting the shape up as about the only four days is left for the launch of most anticipated smartphone iPhone 7 Apple still not send any media invite regarding event but leaks are pointing toward release date around the 2nd week of September. As leaks also suggest that device will release at around 7th September.

iPhone 7 Leaks Till July
iPhone 7 Leaks Till July

It’s about one month we had wrote this article for the previous month and things in leaks are also changing rapidly as after launch of Galaxy Note 7 Apple also get the responsibility to impress Apple Fans with some this rocking tech. Some leaks like the removal of the headphone jack, dual camera in Plus model, larger camera sensor in iPhone 7, lightning connector headphone, upgrade base storage option, larger earpiece module, Force Touch ID button and thinner antenna lines which really gives the feel of the device as how iPhone 7 will look like. As we talk about this month have really amazing leaks which consist of video prototype edition of iPhone 7 which shows each and ever details of the device showing each curve and outlook of the device. As are giving you the most favourite leaks from the last month in a compact session so you’ll imaging device by yourself.

iPhone 7 Leaks Till July:

1.iPhone 7 Releasing Date

Leaks from later in the previous month as one of most renowned leaks from @evleaks Evan Blass has tweeted on about releasing date of 2016 iPhone 7 as he mentioned in leaks that iPhone 7 may launch on September 6 or 7 as leaks is still not confirmed by Apple. But if Apple launches iPhone 7 on September 6 as about exactly one month left for the device launch.

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2. Three Models of iPhone 7

iPhone 7 3 Models
iPhone 7 3 Models

One of the leaks which get renewed about iPhone 7 three model as leaks from the image is showing three devices namely iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. As iPhone 7 Pro is most supreme one as it may have higher specs than iPhone 7 and Plus model. As leaks also suggest that an iPhone 6SE version may also release as iPhone 7 will not get any ‘S’ model as iPhone 6SE is only iPhone 7 model with SE name on it and there are as usual lineup of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. But let’s see how far this leak goes on as the new model may mix up Apple line up more complicated. Leaks also showing a video in which all these three models are line up together.

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3. Battery Leaks

iPhone battery issue is ever since iPhone 5 as a device is not able to meet user need as iPhone only able to manage its battery about 2-3 hour of usage which is pretty low for any device. As iPhone 6s has shrunk down battery but optimisation is so perfect that it has manage to run more than iPhone 6. As the new year and new phone Apple also changing the battery of device as it will justify the removal of headphone jack as some are depressed from this leaks.

iPhone 7 Battery Leaks
iPhone 7 Battery Leaks

From the leaks from last, it says that iPhone 7 will additional 235mAh more battery than iPhone 6s while the total battery will be 1960mAh. iPhone 7 Plus will get more battery which is about 3140mAh which means it will add about 1 hours of usage time for iPhone. While optimisation and new A10 chip will also do more tricks to save battery so new iPhone 7 will surely meet user needs.

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4. Removal of Silent Switch in iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus Leaks Removal of Silent Switch
iPhone 7 Plus Leaks Removal of Silent Switch

One of the leaks also suggests that iPhone 7 Plus will not have the Silent switch which is a basic element of iPhone and fans also love this as it is very useful. But Apple is not doing it for the first time as Apple removes silent switch in iPad Air 2 to make it slimmer. While iPhone 7 Plus won’t be slimmer so what’s need to remove the silent switch? While leaks also confirming about the smart connector for a device which makes iPhone 7 a modular phone but smarts connect is specific only to iPhone 7 Plus model.

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5. iPhone will have 3GB of RAM

New iPhone 7 will have increment in RAM as earlier this leaks from DRAM leaking that iPhone 7 will have 3GB of RAM as Plus model RAM is still not confirmed as leaks also suggest that iPhone 7 Plus model as more RAM will give iPhone additional power for Running more Apps in the background and be more multitasking while more RAM won’t add much difference in day to day experience unless you are hardcore user.

iPhone 7 Ram
iPhone 7 Ram

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6. New Low Energy Bluetooth Chip

Apple is developing it’s own low power Bluetooth chip as removal of headphone jack give more responsibility to Bluetooth sensor as it most continent device which works any device as you use Apple devices or Android devices. Apple has created their own Bluetooth sensor from 2013 as they acquisition Passif Semiconductor as low power will able to give more performance using a little battery which much interesting thing.

iPhone 7 Lightning Port
iPhone 7 Lightning Port

So these are the leaks we able to get from previous month which justifies the whole body and internals of device as only about one month is left for the launch of device things are getting more interesting to see. Internals of iPhone 7 leaks is still at a slow pace while this month will able to get some internals leaks of the device which consist Apple A10 chipset.



As these leaks are not too confirmed yet but still looks some reality in it. While we have to take your leave for to give you more info about leaks as this month will be important for iPhone 7 as this month we will get leaks about internal of iPhone. If you like this content please comment on the end of the page while wanted to get more news like this please subscribe us down below.


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