Apple A10 Chipset For iPhone 7: Finally Apple powerhouse Apple A10 chipset which is leak today as Processor look-alike as Apple A9 chipset but main power is inside. As this is only deciding factor of a device as if it. Give overall new experience to a user or not?
Apple A10 is his successor of Apple A9 chipset which is found in iPhone SE and iPhone 6s’s while Apple iPad lineup uses X series which has more processing power to run such a large screen. New A10 will perform same as A9X chipset in iPad Pro’s as new A10 chipset has little percent increase over A9. As some leaks also say that A10 will have more power saving capabilities than the previous version of a chipset. Apple starts making this A line from iPhone 4 with A4 chipset as time passes the version of A chipset has increased so much as still no chipset from Snapdragon or Nvidia can match the performance of Apple A9 chipset.

 A10 Chipset
Apple A10 Chipset For iPhone 7

Apple A10 Chipset For iPhone 7:

The image of Apple A10 chipset is first spotted on Weibo (via Techtastic) as earlier this week another internal component leaks including logic board, internal Sim slot and much more. While an image of A10 chipset has not details mark into it, but internal hardware upgrades are expected to come alongside the much rumored improved camera system and new force touch id button. While other details like benchmark or graphics details are still not revealed while there is the hoax about a performance of a device. While internal part of a device does not look much over change after iPhone 6s which shows device there are not much new feature in iPhone 7 except the new camera, removal of 3.5mm headphone jack and new design antenna band.
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