HP ChromeBook 13 V/S Apple Macbook 12 Inch: HP new Chromebook 13 is best and premium Chromebook you find in the market but comparing with Laptop like Apple MacBook 12-inch or Samsung Notebook 9 is it a true justice to the device. In this session of our content, we will like put your attention for comparing a Chrome and other Windows or Mac Laptops.

HP ChromeBook 13 V/S Apple Macbook 12 Inch
HP ChromeBook 13 V/S Apple Macbook 12 Inch

HP ChromeBook 13 V/S Apple Macbook 12 Inch:


  • Both Macbook and Chromebook are made from aluminium as Macbook has full metal enclosure while Chromebook has the only body made by aluminium. Macbook has designed much better than Chromebook with slimmer and light in weight. Macbook design looks more compact device while Chromebook sadly won’t achieve it. Each curve and design factor are taken into consideration in which Macbook surely take our heart with Apple lighting logo and new Pink Color.
HP ChromeBook 13 V/S Apple Macbook 12 Inch Design
HP ChromeBook 13 V/S Apple Macbook 12 Inch Design
  • Ports: cutout and device edges make a device more appealing as Macbook has only two port one is Type-C and other is of headphone jack while Chromebook has 3 Ports for USB and 1 headphone jack as more jack means more device utility but these devices are made for purpose of wireless and Macbook really takes its verge.
    • Colors Options: Macbook is available in 4 color option Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Space Grey while Chromebook is only available in silver only.


  • As check out the spec sheet Chromebook surely take this round but display always sees in terms of performance and overall user experience. Chromebook has a Q-HD screen of 3220×1800 with 276ppi while Macbook has 2304-by-1440 resolution at 226 pixels per inch. But more pixel means sharper image and more appealing display. As this session goes to Chromebook but one thing that Chromebook misses is IPS panel as seeing a display from side create blacking of images. The overall display of Chromebook is cool and awesome.
HP ChromeBook 13 V/S Apple Macbook 12 Inch Display
HP ChromeBook 13 V/S Apple Macbook 12 Inch Display


  • Hardware both of these devices are equivalent as both uses Intel’s Skylake Processor with same hardware option and equal RAM only one model of Chromebook has 16GB RAM which includes coreM7 processor.
  • Processor: Option on both these device include Intel’s 6th Gen Processor coreM processor with an option of coreM3, coreM5, and coreM7 while a basic model of Chromebook also includes Pentium processor.
  • Memory: Both devices includes equal RAM of 8GB standard as Chromebook is also available in the option of 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB.
  • Storage: Storage option on both these devices are different as Macbook comes with an option of 256GB and 512GB of Flash Storage while Chromebook has 32GB of SSD which really an unusual option for Notebook.
  • Graphics: Both devices have Intel’s HD 515 Graphics which is very nice graphics option with low power usage and more efficiency as this is not meant for high gaming capabilities but light games are optimum for this configuration.
  • Connectivity: For Wireless connectivity both devices uses same Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. This session might go nowhere as both these devices are identical in terms of usage while Macbook more storage option will make Macbook winner as more storage make a device more usable.


  • The interface is the discussion which doesn’t need to start as Chromebook is nearly a new developed OS and when we compared it with OS X things are really incomparable. Chrome OS is also a web-based OS which is not usable when there is no internet while MacBook has more utility when the internet and without the internet. Developers also build many apps for MacBook which is not available for Chromebook.
    So this discussion doesn’t contain any weight for comparison as MacBook is clearly a winner in this session.
HP ChromeBook 13 V/S Apple Macbook 12 Inch Interface
HP ChromeBook 13 V/S Apple Macbook 12 Inch Interface


  • The battery is major deciding factors for both these device and surely this event was also taken by Apple’s Macbook with a battery life 11 hours and 30 min in our test while Chromebook only about 7 hours of usage which is really sad.


  • HP Chromebook 13 is really a premium piece of Chromebook with new metal design, light weight, best configuration among Chromebooks and much more. HP made this Chromebook from inside to out with a premium thinking as first we see the device with new aluminium design, curves on the device, light in weight and optimum in size. Display of this device is gorgeous as it has a Q-HD LED display which is very nice display. The display has very nice color saturation, nice contrasts but week in brightness display also not have IPS panel which is a very sad.
  • New Chromebook 12 comes in 4 model option starting from $400 to $1000. While base model include a Pentium processor with 4GB or RAM and higher model has the coreM7 processor with 16GB of RAM. The device includes 2 Type-C and 1 USB ports for syncing and data transfer. Battery life of the device is approx 6-8 hour on medium usage. ChromeOS has some nice feature but capabilities of this device lies within the internet as you don’t have the internet this device won’t work as you expect as ChromeOS is Web Based and it needs the internet.
  • While on the counter path we compare this device with Apple new MacBook 12-inch 2016 edition. As Apple MacBook comes in a similar category while as see the spec of this device it has similar are for a powering device has the coreM series processor with RAM of 8GB and storage option of 256GB and 512GB flash storage which is far better than SSD in Chromebook. As talk about display, MacBook 12-inch has Apple’s Own Retinal Display which is really nice display color and images on this device are awesome while device also has IPS panel so you can see device clearly with an angle of 178 degrees. Macbook 12 has a resolution of 2304-by-1440 resolution at 226 pixels per inch. Apart from these Macbook 12 has very lightweight 2.03 pounds. Another spec of device reveal as we process our discussion.
  • MacBook and Chromebook are the pretty different device in terms of usage as Chromebook is meant for the only little portion of the user or for business work while Facebook is meant for any usage even you are Student, Blogger, Business and much more.
  • In terms of price, Chromebook is really cheaper with only approx $400 for Pentium Processor Model while the coreM7 model for approx $1000 while Macbook 12-inch starts from $1299 for 256GB Model having coreM5 Processor and $1599 for 512GB model having the coreM7 processor.


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