Acer’s Aspire Switch Alpha 12: That Is Powerful & Economic: Windows 2-in-1 Notebook or Tablets are in trending as we talk about Microsoft their own Surface Pro 4 which is best Windows tablet you can have till now in markets while device is too costly so Acer has launched it’s new Tablet which has more capabilities of Notebook as from first glance device looks identical to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 with same Kickstand and Keyboard while this device has tough competition with Surface which we will revel as our discussion goes on.

Acer's Aspire Switch Alpha 12
Acer’s Aspire Switch Alpha 12

Acer’s Aspire Switch Alpha 12 is Windows based tablet with same looks as Microsoft Surface Pro looks as while metal body design with detachable keyboard. But calling tablet is wrong for this device as first it’s appears from inside device comes Intel’s Core i series Processor with 8GB of RAM configuration and Upto 512 GB of SSD. As we are reviewing Core i7 Processor model with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD. There are many things to talk about this device in our discussion and we have deeply compare this device with other device in this category to give out vivid discussion. So sit back and enjoy our content.

Acer’s Aspire Switch Alpha 12: That Is Powerful & Economic:


  • Design of this Tablet is more identical to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 with same back kickstand to adjust device in different angles 135 degree upto 165 degree gives out different styles of usage and you really enjoy these positions.
  • From the back device has aluminium design body with Acer’s Logo at the back while color of device is only available in Silver shades which also correct option for device as it looks more appealing. Aspire Switch Alpha 12 has magnetic connector as Surface Pro 4 to attach keyboard to connect it and power it.

    Acer's Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Design
    Acer’s Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Design
  • While in terms of spec sheets dimension of this device measures 11.5 x 7.9 x 0.6 inches and weighs 2.8 pounds while Surface measure 0.4 inch thick but weigh only about 2 pounds. But device is good to use anywhere you want and travel with ease.
  • Ports: On the side Aspire Switch Alpha 12 include a USB 3.0 port, Type-C port, 3.5mm Headphone Jack and Power Port while on the other side you see Windows Key, Power button and Volume Keys. Front side of device has Web cam which has nice potential for video calling and capturing still or video @720p while on the back device has Rear camera of 5MP on the extreme side


  • First things got to be notice as you power up the device see it’s beautiful display of 2K resolution so detailing and color of picture is just awesome. Watching movies, video, playings games or working feels always perfect companion. Color correction, contrast, detailing are just perfect. While the Vivid display and perfectly bright screen surely gives your eyes more soothing effects.

    Acer's Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Display
    Acer’s Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Display
  • Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 as 12-inch of display pretty identical display as Surface Pro 4. As we talk about display this device has resolution about 2160 x 1440 which is just less than Surface Pro. While seeing both device looks same but Acer’s bright display really creates tricks.


  • On first thought may think of device is tablet has low hardware configuration but you may wrong as device start with Intel’s Skylake Sixth gen Core i Series Processor with 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM while 4GB option also available for storing device has 128GB of SSD for initial configuration which can further extent upto 512SSD for top model.
  • Processor & Memory: We are reviewing Core i7 6500U processor Dual-core 2.50 GHz model with 8GB of RAM and 512GB SSD. Using this device works just fine without any issue and hiccups. You can play little games like Batam Arkham City or NFS Rivals which works just fine without any slow downs. Using many app like video editing or photo edition software all are work fine. While using Office or browsing internet this device handles with pretty ease.
  • Graphic: For gaming option this device include Intel’s integrated graphic card HD 520 which not handle very hard-core game but manages to keep its frame nice. Playing Minecraft, Asphalt 8 or Batman run nice don’t feel any lags.
  • Option of this device start from Processor option of Core i3, i5 and i7 which sixth gen Intel processor which RAM option include 4GB or 8GB while Storage has 128GB upto 512GB SSD’s. Best optimum option in our choice is Core i5 model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD.


  • Connectivity option device include Wi-FI 802.11ac and Bluetooth v4.2 while other purpose of Syncing include Type-C and USB 3.0 ports.


  • Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 is shipped with Windows 10 pre-installed on it while there is option for selecting Home version or Pro version of this device. While using interface is just nice you won’t feel any lag or hiccups hovering system.

    Acer's Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Interface
    Acer’s Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Interface
  • While new Anniversary update of Window 10 really enhances device performance and works awesome. Using Pen and Paper interface while writing on sticky note all things work just fine. Cortana is another best part of this interface as she is truly as best companion of this device and works flawless.


  • Listing audio, watching movies and playing games really creates immersive experience with two front facing speakers is loud and clear even on high loud sound. As audio on this device is not extremely loud but optimum to fill a room surrounding. Device also include HD Audio manager software to configure these speakers. But this speaker is nice and clear in audio.


  • For cooling this device include liquid cooling technology which freeze this device more than fan cooling techniques. As doing pretty hard-core work only exceed little bit temperature of this device. Playing games or watching movies create little heat in device but cooling techniques really manages it. Using as a tablet won’t feel hot while holding on two hands so cooling is good.

Keyboard, TrackPad and Stylus:

  • Keyboard of this comes many keyboard stand place to hold the device in many positions. Keyboard is very compact but keys are well optimized for typing and other works. Keyboard also include Trackpad which nicely optimized with Windows 10 as it supports many gesture support like four finger to open multitasking windows and many more.

    Acer's Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Keyboard & Stylus
    Acer’s Aspire Switch Alpha 12 With Keyboard & Stylus
  • Keyboard has backlit it self as it is fist tablet to have this feature and nice for using in dark light situation. Awesome fact about this keyboard it works with power of device so no need to separately charge keyboard which is headache. For connection Tablet has magnetic connector to attach so no need to Bluetooth or connector port just simply plug and good to go. Typing on this device is good but not in work flow as keys are small sometime may cause press different keys by mistake. Overall keyboard work flawless.


  • Battery is main deciding factor for the device and this device only gives about 5 hours of battery life in out test which includes little bit gaming, listening music, reading books and browsing chrome. As battery life is pretty low as compared to Surface 8-9 hour of usage which really gives all day battery life.


Acer Aspire Switch 12 is great deal in terms of tablet you can buy as compared to Surface Pro 4 either you see configuration, design or utility it stand side by side to it. But battery is section in which surface pro really takes hearts away.

Using this device for personal of work usage is perfect companion as it can stand in any circumstances. While we talk about price device start from $599 for Core i3 Processor while our unit is cost about $1099 which has Core i7 Processor and 512GB SSD which is far better than Windows. While Keyboard is included in the packing as Stylus cost about $50 extra.


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