HTC Sailfish Leak Image of Metallic Body: Google’s 2016 Nexus phones are becoming most anticipated device in Google’s history not only these are good devices but also HTC returns to manufacture it as HTC also manufacture previous nexus. Earlier this month there are some render image of HTC new project Sailfish and Marlin but this time we have image of official phone. We have also spec of device which uses all new processor more powerful RAM awesome display and much more.

HTC Sailfish Leak Metallic Body
HTC Sailfish Leak Image of Metallic Body

HTC Sailfish Leak Image of Metallic Body:s

Both Marlin and Sailfish are made up of Glass and Metal as this year Google don’t use plastic for both the phones. Marlin and Sailfish are two have different category display of 5.0 and 5.5 inch. Design of the device is pretty new and look awesome and back glass of the device really put more efforts on design. Sailfish is smaller 5.0″ display and Marlin has 5.5″display so spec are also divided as their sizes.
On the back of the device there is glossy pane around the fingerprint sensor and camera module is glass. Both these devices have Google G logo which is not appear in leak image but believed to be device in launch model of device as G logo will replace Nexus logo on the back.

HTC Sailfish Leak Image August 2016
HTC Sailfish Leak Image of Metallic Body

While came over the leaks an image leak on Twitter by anonymous user yesterday an image has a Nexus device which is looks premium and have glossy plastic material which has display size less than 5.5-inch which look like this device will be Sailfish. While there is not much clear image to look upon and decide phones design but it is sufficient to say device is really good. There are many expectation from this year nexus with many new things to offer so hang out there are wait for launch date as this phone has something promising in it.


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