Surface Pro 4 V/s Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12: Acer’s new Aspire Switch Alpha 12 is very good tablet for low-cost while it has many similarity as we compared this device with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 which is also tablet. As we are doing justice by compare both these device side by side as having equivalent hardware, overall same feature and same category which make us hard to choose true winner as it very hard to compare them but we try hard to brings out this discussion.

First let’s introduce Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which really breakthrough for tablet as it changes our thinking what a tablet is capable of as it can fit in any user usage which very nice feature of this device. Having slim and trim design as compared to Notebooks and travelling with this device is very easy. As talk about spec which we will revel in our hardware section but from inside it has powered with Intel’s Skylake Processor which really a good processor and multitasking. Usability of this device can fit any lifestyle from painter to student, from business man to designer and so on.

Surface Pro 4 V/s Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12
Surface Pro 4 V/s Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12

While Acer’s Aspire Switch Alpha 12 is also a very nice device with pretty same spec inside and design is also pretty equal to it. Using this also fit any type user lifestyle as it is easy to hold, work with and travel along. So without further a do let’s started.

Surface Pro 4 V/s Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12:


  • Microsoft crafted Surface as it’s predecessor Surface Pro 3 with all metal unibody design made up of all-magnesium. Acer also put emphasis on the product material as they also made Aspire with metal body of aluminium. Both design are pretty similar with same Kickstand and keyboard attachment. While Surface take design made with more premium design and good surface finish. Both devices are available in silver color so no option available.
  • Ports: Ports on the surface include a USB 3.0 and Mini Display unit while Acer include one Type-C and USB 3.0 which really make this tablet a future proof. On side Surface Pro has very clean design and ports are placed for user convenience and work nice but only sad for exclusion of Type-C port.
  • Front Camera: On the front Surface Pro has 5MP Camera which comes along with infrared sensor for Windows Hello Feature while Acer also have 720p camera but quality is little bit bad.
  • Dimension: On the dimension side Surface Pro 4 has 11.50 in x 7.930 in x 0.333 in while Aspire Switch Alpha 12 measure 11.5 x 7.9 x 0.6 inches and weighs 2.8 pounds while Surface measure 0.4 inch thick but weigh only about 2 pounds.


  • Display on both these device are nice and vivid. Brightness on Aspire is more than Surface while quality of Surface screen is more than Aspire. Display technology on both these device are different as Surface uses new Pixel Sense while Aspire uses LED display as this turn goes to Surface nice and vivid display.

    Surface Pro 4 V/s Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Display
    Surface Pro 4 V/s Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Display
  • Resolution: Resolution of both device are approx 2K while Surface has 2,736 x 1,824 while Aspire has 2160 x 1440. As Surface has more intensity and clarity than Aspire so resolution part also goes for surface. Playing games, Watching Movies or Browsing Internet won’t make any difference as screen looks pretty identical in this task while doing some pixel jobs like photo editing may give the edge to Surface Pro 4.
  • Force Display: Surface Pro 4 add pressure variation on while doodle or writing on the screen which really replicates same as notebook written. There are 1024 pressure variation level to detect which gives device more perfection for Artist and Writers. While this feature is not present in Aspire 12 while device can do little bit of doodle while perfection may not count.


  • Both these device are having same stuff inside from Intel’s Core i series Processor to Graphics, From Graphics to RAM all looks pretty identical. While Surface is available in more option than Aspire 12.

         Processor, Memory, Storage, Camera & Graphic:

  • Surface Pro 4 from inside have Intel’s Skylake Processor which you can choose from Core m7 to Core i7 Configuration. Surface Pro 4 have RAM option from 4GB to 16GB and for Storage Surface Pro Start form 128GB SSD to 1TB SSD. On the Graphics it start with Intel’s Dedicated Graphics HD 515 to Intel Iris 540. Which really able to give nice graphical performance. Camera on the front side has 5MP while on the Back has 8MP Camera.
  • While Acer also came with same Intel’s Skylake Processor Core i series start with Core i3 to Core i7 option while device include 4GB to 8GB of RAM option and storage goes from 256GB to 512GB. Graphics on this device also have same chipset as Surface so works identical. Camera on include 720p front camera and 5MP at rear.
  • Connectivity: Ports option also identical as Acer Aspire has the edge in this feature including an extra Type-C connector make this device future proof. While connectivity option are also similar with Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0.


  • Both these device are using identical interface Windows 10 Anniversary update as both these devices are perform similar with same speed and flawless. Working in Windows ecosystem is really enhances day by day as new updates really make devices more useful.

    Surface Pro 4 V/s Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Interface
    Surface Pro 4 V/s Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Interface
  • While there is one difference as Surface Pro 4 has Windows 10 Hello feature which is biometric unlock system unlock system by face recognition.


  • Audio Quality on both these device is good but Surface Pro 4 has more metallic feeling sound and gives immersive experience. Both speakers are loud enough to fill a room corners but loudness on Surface is more than Aspire 12. While watching movies playing games is good in both device.

Keyboard, TrackPad and Stylus:

  • This section also have same things on both devices as Surface Pro 4 comes with Type Cover and Surface While Aspire 12 has Keyboard and Stylus. Trackpad on both these devices are good but Surface Pro 4 has more premium feeling.
  • Keyboard position is also identical For both devices. Type Cover of Surface Pro 4 has very good user experience keyboard with broad expansion of keys can easily press each one correctly while Aspire 12 some time having keys in little distance cause miss impression of keys. Type Cover in Surface also comes with option of fingerprint sensor which unlock PC very fast as this option is not in Aspire 12.

    Surface Pro 4 V/s Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Keyboard & Stylus
    Surface Pro 4 V/s Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 Keyboard & Stylus
  • Surface Pen is another amazing accessories of Surface as it is complete Pen with writing, drawing and erasing feature in a pen while there are some gesture of pen to open OneNote and much more. While Stylus on Aspire 12 has functionality of writing and drawing. Surface Pen real power unveil when you drawing as it has 1024 pressure variation it can make perfect things you doing for. Aspire Keyboard also include backlit keyboard which is not available in Type Cover.
  • Surface Pen and Type cover are additional accessories which is available in store not included in packing while Aspire 12 include keyboard in packing while Stylus is another $50 investment.


  • Battery is main deciding factor for these devices as Surface Pro 4 leads this session with 4 battery life. In our test Aspire 12 can able to reach 5 hour 30 min while Surface Pro 4 able to manage 9 hour 30 min which is nice and amazing. In our test we test device by using Internet, Watch Youtube and movies.


Comparing both device having edge to edge spec is very hard but we try to keep the peace of discussion. While in our discussion Surface Pro 4 has more edge with many features. Aspire 12 also have good feature like backlit keyboard and more cost-effective.

Cost of both these devcie is very vibrant as Acer Aspire 12 start with $599 for Core i3 Processor and for $1099 fir Core i7 512SSD Model while Surface Pro 4 start with $899 for Core m7 model and max spec for @2699 for Core i7 with 1TB of SSD

As the basic difference in both these devices is Surface Pro 4 craftmanship product of microsoft which has a perfect combination of design, hardware and software which will give you performance with confidence but if you will looking for budget tablet or Notebook which include almost features than Acer is one of the best.


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