Huawei Honor 8: Budget Phone With Flagship Specification: As days are passing by technology are becoming cheaper with all those stuff you found earlier in expensive one. In this session we are talking about Smartphone many brands like Huawei, Moto, OnePlus and more has really change our mind as cheaper smartphones are bad as they are focusing to provide each and every experience you’ll fell on flagships devices.

Huawei Honor 8: Budget Phone With Flagship Specification:

Honor 8 is budget smart phone with lots of nice specs talking about from snappier performance to elegant design, mind-blowing snaps to speedy Memory and too much to store about.

Huawei Honor 8
Huawei Honor 8
  • Design: Huawei New Honor 8 also based on this concept as Huawei already release its Flagship Huawei P9. From the first sight you’ll notice the glossy Glassy colorful design which looks similar to Samsumgs Galaxy S7.
  • Camera: Camera on this device is 12MP sensor with two camera at the back to capture different exposure. On the front side it has 8MP sensor with nice optimisation.

    Huawei Honor 8 Primary Camera
    Huawei Honor 8 Dual 12 MP Primary Camera
  • Processor: For powering up this device Huawei uses Krin 950 processor which is lower model of Huawei P9.
  • Memory And Storage: For great processor device also has 4 Gigs of RAM for all multitasking you want without compromise performance. Storage in this device is 32GB with option to expand.
  • Interface: Huawei Honor 8 runs on Android new Marshmallow skined with Emotion UI 4.1 which makes this deal more interesting. Many major OEM are wont able to provide new Android update as they releases.
  • Display: From the first overlook you’ll see a 5.2-inch display you might thought it is AMOLED panel by its light color and nice integration while device has LCD panel with F-HD display.
  • Security: For unlocking device has biometric unlock system which means Fingerprint sensor at back of this device which also looks very nice fingerprint sensor is configurable button so that you can use the button as custom launch like holding button open up Google Now, double tap to open camera and much more.
  • VR: The best part for future proofing of this device is that it’s a VR compatible device which so nice feature to have.

    Huawei Honor 8 Colors Available
    Huawei Honor 8 Colors Available
  • Price: By might think including all these together make this phone costly but no this device is priced at $400 which gives edge competition to other like Apple’s iPhone SE, OnePlus 3 or Axon 7 which also have good specs in them.


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Huawei is the global third biggest smart phone seller while only Apple and Samsung which sells more than Huawei. Company would not able to make dent in US market as these market is already taken by Samsung or Apple. As analyst predicted Huawei soon to become World’s no 1st in mobile shipped in coming years.

Disappoint point of this device is price as there is not much feature you’ll find Smartphones like iPhone SE which is smaller version of iPhone 6s or OnePlus 3 which has flagship specs and more which sell around $400 and has better specs than this device. So the final decision is always yours. We will soon review this device until then stay tuned.


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