Apple Watch 2 Leaks, Rumor and Availability Details: After two-year of Minor release and refresh model of Apple Watch, Apple is preparing for another launch in coming months. As expected to release device in WWDC 2016 but Apple isn’t preparing for the launch of the device. But things like leaked part, new feature and expected releasing date we know so far..

Apple Watch 2 Leaks, Rumor and Availability Details:

What’s new in Watch 2?

Many leaks are pointing toward that Apple Watch2 won’t have cellular connectivity which makes the device independent from iPhone as like LG Watch Urbane LTE version. Apple, however, tries to open gates for independent Apps which have native support for Watch itself in Watch OS 3.

Apple Watch 2 Leaks, Rumor and Availability Details
Apple Watch 2 Leaks, Rumor and Availability Details

Apple Watch 2 will have improved GPS for improved standalone fitness activates which make it independent from iPhone and let you get going without any barriers of connectivity. Apple watch should also get improved waterproofing label which makes it withstand in any water situation.

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Apple watch design will still remain same as previous gen as Apple Watch design is also good and nice. As reports are pointing toward that Apple Watch 2 will stay in same design factor but with many new improvements. Apple will likely to include new material, new straps, and new coloring option. Titanium model will also make its entry in a high-end option of Apple Watch 2 which addition to another expensive “Gold” Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 2 ECG Strap Patent
Apple Watch 2 ECG Strap Patent

The new design may include new watch straps as Apple has patented new modular straps which have the ability have more sensor, battery and many new styles which are not possible in today’s Apple Watch model. Many leaks images showing Apple Watch to have new ECG straps for Heart rate monitor and much more to come.
Date of Arrival

When Apple Watch arrive it’s become warmer and you get to know as reports are claiming about Apple Watch 2 will launch alongside with iPhone 7 in September. Apple also deplete their shipment of Apple Watch to make space for new Apple Watch so it may show Apple Watch 2 will surely in our hands until this year.


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