HP Spectre Review:Lighter and Thinner Than “Air”: Earlier this year Hp has to unveil its new World’s Thinnest Laptop which called as Spectre. Might be heard like Movie Spectre but not from looks and performance. Unlike many other Ultrabook, this Laptop has filled with some serious stuff but still remains in the compact size. Using Spectre for the while surely take your heart away with its elegant looks and seamless design.

As we compared with this Apple MacBook 2016 which is also incredible machine but has less power and beautification. HP made this laptop from scratch with all new design, a premium material used and power which builds inside. As Apple always be kings of Premium Laptop this Laptop really gives hard to it. But see how spectre performs in real life situation so let’s get started.


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HP Spectre Review back side
HP Spectre Review back side

The design of new spectre is only one-word answer phenomenal as a device is so sleek and color pattern are just perfect. Spectre is made up of metal and carbon fiber which made this laptop so light and sleek. HP engineered this notebook very well as spaces are just filled with stuff perfectly. Hp uses Hing joint to attach display which is very rough and tough for the longer time but won’t makes more angle as you bend backward.
Looking device from Side there is no port option on both side as a device is plated with Gold covering while at the device include 3 Type-C port which nice addition than MacBook 12″. While there is 3.5mm jack also on the back.
From the material point of view device, each part are nicely designed to bring out luxury from this Notebook. The device has shades of Black and Gold which perfectly blended to looks elegant in design. Display of this device is 13.3″ which is very thins as from side you won’t able to differentiate between display and space.
As we compared with its rival MacBook 12″ this device is thinner than that also with 0.11″ as MacBook 12″ has 0.52″ at its thickest point and Spectre has 0.41″ at its thickest point. As compared it with MacBook Air this device also wins by .27″.

Spectre measures with the dimension of 12.79 x 8.6 x 0.63 inches, 10.4 millimeters (0.41 inch) and weight of 2.45 pounds — which HP to call “The Thinnest Laptop in the World”. While using this Laptop won’t feel too much heavy as feel as light as the feather.

HP Spectre Review:Lighter and Thinner Than “Air”


HP doesn’t compromise with Display quality despite thinnest design with the gorgeous F-HD display having not touch screen. Display quality is vivid and produces nice color output which feels nice and saturated. Watching movies, YouTube content all look nice without cause too much eye strain in high brightness. Contrast, Color saturation, RGB GAMUT and detailing are just awesome.

HP Spectre display
HP Spectre display

Taking about spec sheet device has 13.3″ LED display with 1920×1090 resolution which supports wide-angle view up to 178 degrees. This device won’t have the option for 4K which should introduce in this notebook.


Taking about Hardware don’t go this device size or thin design as it filled with a premium quality processor and powerful RAM which make it handle all task which you throw at it. As a device is power by Intel Core I series processor as available in the option of Core i5 and Core i7. The memory includes 8GB DDR3 SDRAM 1,866MHz. While Storage option includes option of 256GB or 512GB of SSD.

HP Spectre Body
HP Spectre Body

As device, we are reviewing has Intel’s Skylake 6th gen chipset Core(TM) i7-6500U Processor Dual-Core + Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 (For 8GB memory) as both has dual core processor. The storage option is 512GB SSD which is enough so usage. While we recommend you to have Core i7 With 256GB option which is greatest for all daily task.

The device also includes Intel’s Integrated Graphic card HD 520 which not handle very hard-core game but manages to keep its frame nice. Playing game is not meant for this device but handle another graphical task very ease.
While reviewing this product we don’t feel any slow downs or lag. While we do 4K video editing, Opening Chrome 30 Tabs, Editing Photos as these things handled by Notebook with very ease without any problem. By the help of this processor the devices do seriously intensive task with good multitasking and performance will never let you down.
Connectivity option device includes Wi-FI 802.11ac and Bluetooth v4.2 while other purposes of Syncing includes 3xType-C and 3.5mm Headphone jack. As from this observation device uses a very little place for ports.


HP Spectre is shipped with preinstalled Windows 10 Pro this laptop is fully optimized for all the features of Windows 10 all the gesture, Cortana, and Multitasking only thing this lack of biometric protection which supports Windows hello. This NoteBook also excludes Touch screen so no Pen Paper on this.

HP Spectre Review Windows
HP Spectre Review Windows 10


HP notebooks are shipped with B&o Speakers which is best in class speaker and also made it’s entry in spectre also. As Audio quality is phenomenal and nice without any distortion. Watching movies, listening music feel nice as Speakers are capable of filling your whole room with it’s Boom.

HP Spectre Review B&o Speakers
HP Spectre Review B&o Speakers


Heating dissipation in so thin laptop is problematic situation but HP very keenly solves this processor and manage heat dissipation very easily. Which made this laptop so user-friendly for the longer time on your lap. As device really fell great and fan noise is also not too much. TouchPad section of laptop rarely heats on very heavy task.

Keyboard & TrackPad

The keyboard on Spectre is very elegant and nice with the premium feel and nice touch button as these are scissor mechanism button which uses many notebooks nowadays. While Keyboard is enough large and keys are separated too much for easy typing experience.
The trackpad on the device also nice matches exactly pattern of a body which sometime Hide it sometimes. While all gesture of Windows is working here so no problem on that. The trackpad is also snapper and easy to use.


As calling this device a World’s Thinnest Laptop is no doubt about it as very thin and light design which suits in any life situation of Student, Office Men or any other purpose as this is powerful as well as ergonomic design. 

HP claims that Spectre 13.3-inch Up to 12 hours and 30 minutes of battery backup as it uses 3-cell 56WHr Lithium-ion Battery. As it uses AAA battery to power it but is really manage to give about 7-8 hour of backup which enough for full day use. While we test this notebook by watching Youtube video, movies and videos.


HP Spectre is nice premium Notebook from HP which teases Apple that they are not only making premium Laptop.

HP offer this device in two configurations of Core i5 and Core i7 option as it starts from approx $999 and our model cost about $1349.


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