Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 Bluetooth Speaker Review: In Today’s lifestyle everyone needs music as an essential part but in what way… . Edifier Are know for their funky speakers design but wont compromise with quality. Edifier have look on both aspects of product design and performance and many speaker from Edifier also suits these words. Edifier is Chinese origin company who’s product are booming around the world with many of product line. So we are reviewing best speaker among them.    Edifier Extreme Connect MP 260 is among the best Bluetooth speakers as this speaker has light weight and awesome design.This lightweight sound box that you can take everywhere proved to be a perfect companion for a extreme music lover.

Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 Color Option
Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 Color Option


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Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 Bluetooth Speaker Review:


While review this speaker first and foremost things which takes your mind is design with so nice and elegant bar shaped device and bright color. While it is very easy to hold and carry alongs as device is so symmetrical in shape placing device any direction so you can easily place it horizontal and vertical it stays on its places still.

The MP260 Extreme Connect is a mini/pocket speaker; it’s small enough to carryaround with you and use on-the-go. It’s 1.0 channel, meaning that it is a single speaker.
Measuring 160x42x62mm and weighing just 396g, the Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 is small enough to fit inside the shoe, but it’s about as dense as an iPad Mini or a big guidebook. Inside are two front-facing active 2W neodymium drivers and one passive radiator, which link-up to any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. It comes in a nice felt-like drawstring carry case.

Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 Design
Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 Design

Weighing in at 0.93 lbs, the MP260 Extreme Connect is about average weight compared to other portable wireless speakers. Heavier speakers tend to produce better sound quality (at the expense of portability, of course); keep this in mind as you make your decision.

Charge Less, Play More

With up to 15 hours of battery life*, Extreme Connect keeps the party going all day long after each full charge. The built-in 1400mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery is a perfect balance of size and capacity. The Extreme Connect is portable, loud and designed for long battery life.

USB Audio

In addition to charging the built-in lithium-ion battery, the Edifier Extreme Connect also works as a USB speaker. The little sound box comes with a built-in USB sound card, and will be immediately recognised by your Mac or PC as a USB audio device.

3.5mm AUX IN

The 3.5mm auxiliary port is conveniently located on the side of the speaker. The possibilities are limitless.

Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 Connectivity
Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 Connectivity


Pair Extreme Connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device, like your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Your music experience is seamless, and cordless. The Near Field Communication (NFC) technology also allows instant connection.

Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 WiFi Connectivity
Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 WiFi Connectivity

MicroSD Card

This portable speaker offers a variety of connection possibilities. Load up a microSD card with your favourite music and play them from Extreme Connect right away. Almost uniquely in the Bluetooth speaker market, the Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 has a miniSD and microSD card slot in its side (maximum capacity is 32GB). A small silicon flap on one side reveals a microUSB slot, which is used for charging its internal 12 hour 1400mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, as well as a small red LED indicator that shows you when the battery needs charging, an 3.5 mm audio jack for hardwiring in almost anything, and a slot for either a miniSD or microSD card. That’s actually great option, especially if you store a lot of your music on a microSD card slot in an Android smartphone.

Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 MicroSD Support
Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 MicroSD Support


Switch on the Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 and it is immediately viewable in your smartphone or tablet’s  Bluetooth menu. It connects a few seconds later, and hence everything you play on your device comes through the Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 –  and that includes phone calls. This speaker has a built-in microphone, so you can  take part in conference calls with a little added audio quality.

Look & Controls

Available in black, blue, grey, yellow and red, the Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 is best used on a hard surface. If you put the volume up really loud, something you will have to do using the buttons on the top of the speaker itself (up there are also buttons for skipping track, changing input and for hanging-up a phone call), the sound quality quickly degenerates into an treble heavy distorted mess. The speaker also moves around a table if you go really loud. However, if you listen at a more normal volume – and we’re still talking pretty loud – it’s got a lot more low-frequency sound than any laptop speakers. As a speaker for one or two people to listen to in a hotel bedroom, the Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 is bang on.

No Limitation Of  Range

That miniSD/microSD card slot means that the Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 doesn’t have to be used as a Bluetooth speaker, which is good news because its range is actually no more than about 20 feet (in our test). If you’re going to use theEdifier Extreme Connect MP260 outside, perhaps on a beach, then we would strongly recommend you use that miniSD/microSD card slot.

Frequency & Bass combination

Featuring some of the best quality low frequency sounds we’ve heard from a Bluetooth speaker as portable as this, the Edifier Extreme Connect MP260 makes a great value option for business and other travel – just don’t turn it up too loud.

This speaker include Built-in microphone with Bluetooth phone answering capabilities, Micro SD card, USB audio streaming technology.


While we reviewing this device we come across many exciting things about this product with its light and elegant design. While device light and bright color are also looks vibrant and awesome. While listening music quality of audio is moderate and loud while listening in in top volumes some time distort when in high bass. While putting device in flat surface it make speakers vibration. But the speaker has solid audio performance at moderate volume.

The MP260 Extreme Connect has a battery capacity of 1,400 mAh (17% better than the average) and a playback time of 12 hours (50% better than the average). Both metrics are important to consider. Battery capacity is an unbiased measure of the battery’s abilities, but different speakers can use vastly different amounts of power. Playback time attempts to measure the number of hours a speaker can play for, but there is no standard for measurements, so the numbers may be deceiving.


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